Friday, March 04, 2016

Statement From Chairman Of UCG, Len Martin : Our Stance On Credit Card Issue.

UCG Credit Card Stance
We have received numerous calls and enquiries lately about the Credit Card Mandating Issue we are facing. Some of you have asked about a meeting that is taking place tomorrow 230 Blackfriars Rd. We were invited to this meeting but have respectfully declined for the following reasons.

I agreed to go to this meeting because I was led to believe that we were going to push back against the implementation.

However Helen Chapman has issued an Agenda that cannot be deviated from due to the meeting room being booked and the meeting having to run to time.

We know that there will be questions from our members asking why we did not attend, to pre-empt this we are letting you know why we shall not attend tomorrow.

The agenda is all about how and when the mandation is implemented, Brackets, Approved suppliers, Signage etc... Not about halting the implementation pending a serious review.

I have declined the invitation to attend and here is my letter explaining why.....


I have seen Helen Chapmans Agenda and it is clear we will not stray from this, there is nothing in this agenda that will satisfy my requirements to know how the issues of ignoring common law will be addressed.

In fact I am looking at an agenda of implementation timescales this was NOT what we agreed we required from TfL.

I will not be party to the implementation of something that I believe is not lawful and is not in the interests of the trade.

I must decline the invitation to attend this meeting as I cannot reconcile the agenda with my beliefs that this is not in the interests of the trade and will not give this my blessing by attendance.

You are surely not surprised at this stance? I have made it more than clear from the very outset that we cannot do this without the whole trade in agreement. This consultation was flawed from the start and skewed against our interests, I call for TfL to stop the implementation of this and go back to the trade and seek a mandate from the trade by conducting a proper consultation whereby every driver is written to with a return envelope and the responses collated by an independant arbiter.

I have stated this before and I will state this again, you will never put this issue to bed unless you do this.

If this is done and we are given a mandate by the drivers in a democratic way, then I will do all I can to assist in the implementation, if the drivers object then as driver representatives we have a duty to challenge this legally.

No one has spoken at all about the legality of this, you can't ignore this issue forever, it will come back and bite you.

I shall not attend and neither will any representative of the UCG attend a meeting to assist in the introduction of this process.

Len Martin

Editorial Comment :
This issue needs to be discussed fully by all concerned. If Chapman refuses to do this properly,  then all others orgs should boycott the meeting as well. 
This is a major issue that can't be sorted out over a quick cup of tea and a biscuit.

We've seen this tactic before when Helen Chapman thought she may be put on the spot. 
Remember the Taxi Trade Forum at Palestra, where we were told the time allowed for the meeting had to be cut short as the cleaners had to come in and clean the room. 
Helen and her team left promptly but we stayed behind for over an hour and a half....and no cleaners turned up. 
Just another example of woeful inadequacies from the LTPH general manager. 

TfL Board Meeting 03/02/2016
Worth watching from 43 minutes into the meeting. 
Click link below:


Dizzy Disgruntled said...

Spot on Jim!

And it shows the level of contempt that TfL have for us by fannying us off with the old "room's booked" bollocks.

I hope their party was shit and their Uber driver took them all over the place before dumping them somewhere they didn't want to be...In the pissing rain!

And well done UCG, the others can sell your arses down the river but the UCG will always fight for the drivers!

Gary Bumdtesd said...

Well done len great letter very proud to be a member of the ucg and thank u