Wednesday, March 09, 2016

LTDA Member's Lobby Of Parliament ... By Marc Turner

Yesterday morning (8/3/16), the largest congregation of LTDA members ever seen for many a year massed in the splendour of the Central Hall, Palace of Westminster. 

The LTDA had organised a lobby of MPs. Members and MP's did not let them down. 

The day bode well when with two colleagues, on entering the security screening area, a policeman enquired, "are you cabbies"?...We owned up. He then uttered under his breath, "Good luck lads, get rid of them" He wasn't referring to some of the incumbents of the House. 

The exercise of LTDA's lobbying intiative was that members could persuade their MPs to commit to taking action that TFL had failed to do.

We had to adhere to the protocol of lobbying by making for an area where lobby cards had to be filled in. I was promptly reprimanded by a rotund  bobby for trying to take photos, ironically, by a sign proclaiming 'No Photography'. That tickled bobby. 

Rules are made to be broken, Uber have conclusively proved that adage. I took a picture of my Lobby card and promptly tweeted it to my MP Wes Streeting (ilford North). To my amazement Wes tweeted back, he was on a committee and would be down soon.

We didn't have to wait to long, and his taxi driving constituents weren't disappointed. 

Wes is well informed, engaged, energetic and was generous with his time. He was empathetic to our plight. Wes revelled to us, on March 22nd he's airing our greviances in the House, introducing a 10 minute bill. Hopefully it will be debated, but it's not a given. 

Lastly Wes insured us that our historic great trade has many friends in both Houses. We all left with a spring in our step....But how many times have we done that before???

Looking forward to today's demo 11o/c Trafalgar Square.

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Brian said...

The Chief Whip controls the govt. vote in the house.
Nothing changes without enough votes.
The P.M. Appoints the Chief Whip.
Dave & Georgie have already put pressure on tfl to kill us...this is a waste of time.

Our only hope is the legal route, as the law stands.
Even if the Judicial review found in our favour, you could then expect a change in the law from the shifty spivs involved in pushing wild west free for alls on the streets of London.

Be lucky...Brian.