Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Letter To Taxi Leaks : Paris, Brussels....London?....by Paul Sweeney.

Sending condolences to people of Belgium. 

Now let's take a look at London's despicable Government and their partners in crime TFL. 

Potential terrorist are being fast tracked to become PHV and more importantly Uber. 

A letter of good character as reference, is good enough, to enable someone who has arrived here and has no checkable history.

 Over 600 PH licenses are dished out every week by TfL, where applicants are systematically fast tracked with a laxation of protection that puts all of us at risk.

Just look at the potential hotspots potential terrorist can access. 

Look at Heathrow. 
Today on T3, I counted 12 Uber Prius' parked up on the drop off areas. Heathrow has without doubt, the worse security then any other airport in UK.

I ask you why?

Look at the stations in Central London. 
Hordes of these fast tracked potential terrorist, parked up for hours on end. 
TFL and our Government, don't give a damn about national security. 

           TFL......blood on their hands. 

In London we have terrorists licensed by TfL as private hire drivers. Secret cells are out there working and driving in our Capital City. 

Not only are we fighting to save our trade, we are also fighting the authorities to safeguard us. 

And the Tories respond by closing down stations, cutting police and other emergency services jobs.

Transport For London and the Tory Government, are the enemy we are fighting here. 
They already have blood on their hands. 

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