Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Letter To Taxi Leaks:

So the crowdfunding is falling short. Those who refused to pledge £25 have scuppered the whole enterprise.

Don't dare tell me whether you felt it was a right or a wrong move, or that it would end up costing you an extra £50 or £75 more in the end, I don't want to hear those petty excuses. 
Your Cab license alone costs you a hundred quid a year.

This trade has always been let down by the Sub80 (80% who are subservient to TfL), it has always been carried along by the Pro20 ( 20% who are proactive drivers).

I don't want to hear any more about a dress code, Credit Card Machines, or poxy Uber. 
It's the apathetic Sub80 who are the trades biggest enemy. 

The Pro20 may not get it right all the time, but at least they are willing to fight, trying to save our jobs.

As for any Pro20 LTDA members, stop moaning and leave. 
Leave en masse 
They definitely don't deserve you and you definitely don't deserve them. 

Be Lucky,
Lenny Etheridge 


Lucy Silver said...

Spot on.The crowd funding project as good idea or meaning as it is has highlighted this for all to see the make up of your average cab driver. Even the so called biggest org only has a few thousand members, and most only join for no other reason than the in house lawyer should they get in trouble..
Mostly forgotten by many now but look how the trade was steam rollered at the Olympics. Weak orgs with minimum membership, who's biggest threat is a 2 hour compliant demo every now and then..big deal!

Damian said...

Would like to agree more but i can't. Absolutely spot on. donating £25 wouldn't hurt anyone. So hard to work out why we haven't managed it! If I was TFL or poober I d be wetting myself with laughter at us! Come on trade, lets wipe the smile off there face, at that price it's worth a punt isn't it?