Saturday, March 26, 2016

Good first step Wes. ..... By I'm Spartacus.

Earlier this week we had Wes Streeting MP for Ilford North introduce a 10 Minute Rule Bill.

For those of us not up to speed on the ins and outs of the Luddite procedures of Parliament, these bills (proposed acts of Parliament) are usually introduced to give publicity for a particular issue, the MP has to speak for 10 minutes and then a vote is taken (that's called the first reading) and if voted Aye as opposed to Noe (see what I man about Luddite) it proceeds to a second reading, they are usually opposed by the government but every now and then they do become law.

So let's look at  Wes is proposing in outline:

English Language Tests for PH, Realistic insurance, Stronger PH Topo testing, taxation rules.

All good stuff, well maybe but no doubt some of the 250k PR budget of uber will be 'persuading' opponents in the house to fight it all the way, they don't want any regulation here or anyone else.

Osborne, Javid and Cameron are already in the tax avoiding rule breakers hutch, but it only takes 12 fair minded patriotic Tory M.P.'s to stand up and be counted, sorry 13 as Ian Austin Labour MP is already in the uber camp.

We await, but why oh why Wes did you not take this opportunity to define Plying for Hire? 
That could have dealt with the illegality of exhibition and availability of an on screen picture and a meaningful pre booking interval, maybe if it gets that far someone will introduce it as an amendment to the Act, some of us will be proposing that.

Expect those who wish to see us gone move heaven and earth against us, that probably includes TfL!

As Mr Al Fayed of Harrods fame once said 'you can 'hire' an MP as easy as walking out of the store and hailing a cab.

So Wes and co. Let's prove for once that he was wrong about the first part so the second part can carry on.

On behalf of us, the wheelchair users, tourists, those without smartphones or postcodes, those who wish a tour or want to avoid a jam, the hard of hearing or poor sighted, those without credit cards, they need taxis, they need expert drivers with real skill, they NEED us.

Stand strong.

I'm Spartacus


dorvito67 said...

You forgot the ones with smartphones able bodies and genuine love & respect of the taxi trade that use us daily.

Chrissie1943 said...

Remember those with guide dogs which uber refuse to transport.

Chrissie1943 said...

It should be mandatory for all public hire vehicles to accept guide and assistance dogs as well as wheelchairs. To refuse is to discriminate.