Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Demo May Have Been Postponed....But You Can Still Make A Difference And Fight Back Today,

Upset that demo's been postponed?

You can still fight for your trade today. 
Let's get those responsible for our demise in court.

All you need to do is pledge the 2 hours takings you would have lost today...with £350,000 already in the pot, another 8,000 x £35 would make it happen today.

These wives, mothers, sisters daughters, have put their normal lives on hold. Out on the street, on the ranks, in the shelters and cafes, fighting for your survival.
Don't let their passion become another victim of cab trade apathy.

Certain people have done their best to sabotage this action, after all, there's possibly a spare seat going on the board of TfL when the new Mayor takes office.

But do you really want another 4 years of inactivity at TfL board level?

How much longer do you believe our 350 year trade will survive.

Reports coming in thick and fast of drivers leaving the trade, having to seek other employment as mortgage payments are not being met.

Let's get TfL in court p, where they belong.
There's on,y one criminal in the cross hairs and that's TfL.
Let's make them accountable for destroying our trade.
Let's take no prisoners 

Never give up....never, never surrender 

Don't forget 
If you don't get in the ring, you can't win the fight.

Click on this link below and pledge today

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