Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Breaking News : Action For Cabbies Crowdfunding Page Has Just Been Updated To Show 22 Day extension.

Breaking News
Just Checked the Action for Cabbies Crowdfunding site and it appears we have been given a 22 day extension to try to make the £600,000 needed to take TfL to court.

It's now up to the 20,000 drivers who haven't pledged so far. It's completely in your hands now.

We are now waiting for an announcement from Artemis, to confirm the extension. 

 #SaveTaxis Group Meet With Deputy Mayor


Editorial said...

Comment from Horice Morris posted in the wrong post
But because it's such a good idea, will put it here for him.👍🏼

Horice says:
A lot of drivers don't have smart phones to donate , and we still have drivers that don't know anything about the crow fund , can't we put it out on front page of all taxi papers and give drivers the opportunity to drop payment of £25 at taxi house , I'm sure we would reach target in 24 hours ....

Lucy Silver said...

Good idea but its like preaching to the converted.
Most that haven't donated don't read the papers and are not interested in anything trade related.
Do you really think that a driver that works while others demo is going to donate? The problem is most don't know about it cos they don't want to know about it.