Monday, March 07, 2016

Blood On Their Hands...TfL Ignore Calls For PH Drivers To Take Advanced Driving Test.

A toddler has been rushed to hospital after being hit by an Uber minicab in a rush hour crash, yards from Hyde Park.

Emergency services were called to Hyde Park Gate, off High Street Kensington, shortly after 6pm.

Police said the boy, thought to be around two years old, had been taken to hospital for treatment. Officers could not immediately confirm the seriousness of his condition.

A spokeswoman for the London Ambulance Service said paramedics treated the child for a head injury.

Roads were closed as police investigated the circumstances of the collision. The driver stopped at the scene, police said.

News Update 8th March am:

The incident happened at about 18:10hrs that day at Hyde Park Gate, SW7. The child - a 1-year-old boy was - with a family member at the location when the collision occurred.

He was taken to a central London hospital by London Ambulance. Sadly he died at 21:50hrs. Next of kin have been informed, but he has not yet been formally identified.

Calls For TfL Privare Hire Drivers To Take Advanced Driving Test

Calls for all Private Hire drivers to take advanced driving tests like Licensed Taxi drivers have to take, have been ignored by TfL bosses. 

Last week five motorcyclists were mowed down by TfL licensed minicab drivers. One fatal collision happened at the junction with Farrier Street just before 8.17pm on Saturday night.

Last night Regent Street had to be closed off, as a Toyota with TfL roundals collided with traffic lights and a bus, while doing an illegal u-turn.

The amount of minicab carnage on London's streets is escalating at an extremely fast rate. 
Every week over 700 new PH drivers add to the chaos as drivers, clueless to where they're going, frequently take their eyes off the road ahead to study their sat nav. 


Michael O'Hare said...

These drivers are instantly and constantly distracted with the uber app offering jobs and sat nav, they then manoeuvre without looking what's around them!! How these devices are legal in cars is beyond comprehension! People are dying but government see it as collateral damage in the persuance of profits!

colin said...

If this happened to a member of my family i'd be smashing boris's front door in,20 Colebrooke Row Islington.

paulmurphy63 said...

Uber is the mother of all smokescreens Clueless drivers being licensed by TFL making our roads amongst the most dangerous in Europe, also they fly under the radar by having NO H+R insurance, NO DBS or CRB checks, Pay NO TAX, Drivers NO need to surrender a National insurance number so may still claim unemployment benefits, Illegally ply for hire TFL SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

gail gordon said...

This is absolutely stupid - who's earning out of this?? Somebody is - we were the most admired taxi service in the world - safe - police checked - polite - and knew where we were going without having to take our eyes off of the road!!! Uber is lining somebody's pocket - or have politics come into play here - maybe donations to certain politicians or parties ?? This has to be sorted Uber is clogging up our highways with idiots who don't know where they are - are not checked by the police and apparently don't have the correct insurance - let people know they are taking their lives in their own hands by taking these "cabs" and paying through the nose for the privilege !!

Paul said...

Well official guidance from DfT is clear no keyboards or phone activity, not even hands free!

It won't belong before insurers will be getting involved, driving vocationally is a skill and this ragbag mob should never have been allowed to work.

The wages of sin are death!

dean peart said...

That poor little boy is now dead because of a clueless driveršŸ˜” I'm fuming . RIP

Alan Wicker said...

so, if the media won't publicise this OUTRAGE being perpetrated, by those eg Blake, Chapman, Emmerson, Daniels, empowered to do WHAT IS RIGHT & PROPER, it's up to us

we must be honest & realize that, nothing we've done so far, seems to have worked or improved things, in any way and that, things are getting worse, BY THE HOUR

surely, there are those amongst us, who can think OUTSIDE THE BOX and work out, how we can solve this ridiculous situation

Joanne Chisnell said...

if i took my eyes off the road to use my mobile phone i would nicked, please tell me how this is any different. They are constantly looking at there phones for jobs plus there eyes are looking at the sat nav so why are they allowed to get away with it. TFL are to blame and now have more blood on there hands. If it was one of there family id like to see how they would react.

Matt Byrne said...

I picked up the female passenger of the uber driver who managed to close of regent street,.he was aparrently taking her to winsley street north of Oxford street so why he did an illegal u turn is beyond belief. I lectured the female passenger on safety aspects of using these unqualified drivers and how she could well have been injured ,and the possibility the driver did not have the right insurance policy either to cover carrying passengers. She did say she would not be using uber again, but I find this hard to believe as the the saying goes if something is to cheap to be believed it's not true. And this is true cause these uber drivers are clueless and have no driving sense whatsoever,TFL it's a crime what you you are doing to this great city of ours,you have no respect for people's safety and the well being of this city you should hold your head in shame.