Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Horse Has Bolted.... Someone Now Wants To Close The I'm Spartacus.

It seems one trade org is betting the farm on limiting PH number as the answer to all our issues!!!

So let's have a real look at the possibilities or more likely the impossibilities of a cap on PH numbers:

1. Once someone is licensed, unless they are revoked, you can't take it away. 
There are already three times the number of PH needed for a sustainable Private Hire service.
It would take years to have an effect, just like the over licensed YB sectors.

2. TfL are licensing hundreds a week, any limit will only affect new applicants. No wonder there's a stampede.

3. The draft bill from the Law Commission is looking to bring in National Standards for PH (we can only imagine how stringent they will be!) that will likely mean, any PH operator can take a booking from anywhere as all licensing authorities will have to have the same criteria. 

4. No matter what the law says, certain operators just ignore it and the regulator caves in.

It is also rumoured that there's a backstairs understanding that the strategy is to reduce the Taxi fleet to 10,000 in any event, we have investigators on the case, so keep in touch.

Let's not put all our hopes on this as the cure all, we need to campaign for both Plying For Hire and Pre Booking to be defined.

We also need to lobby the TfL board to reject the PH Regulations consultation outcome as they are flawed.

So plenty of ammo still to fire, punters coming back every day as they realise just how good we are compared with the rest as the million spent on PR can't conceal the truth.

'Service not servitude' someone else wisely said.

I'm Spartacus.