Saturday, February 13, 2016

FOI Request Shows Minicab Rape And Sexual Assaults Through The Roof....But Must Be Kept Secret.

Reports are coming in from drivers who have done freedom of information requests asking for the amount of serious sexual assaults (including rapes) on customers by Private Hire drivers over the year 2014-15. 

We are being informed that the results of such searches carry a caveat that these statistics must not be publish, because they could put people off using private hire. 

In 2010, TfL released figures on their website that showed a 54% rise in the number of minicab related rapes and serious sexual assaults carried out by drivers licensed by TfL, bringing the total to 126. 
At the same time, an FOI request showed detection of these attacks resulting in a conviction dropped by 50%, to just 3 convictions.

At that time, there were less than 30,000 PHV drivers. So going on the law of averages and taking into account today's 96,000 PH drivers. 

We can now disclose the statistic which have been posted on Twitter.

Serious sexual assaults, including rapes= 180
Arrests = 112
Licensed PH driver arrests= 68
Unlicensed PH driver arrests= 44

So far, we have no statistics for convictions.

We are told by women's groups that 84% of victims of serious sexual assault do not report attacks immediately and that 60% never do. This could mean the actual number of attacks could be well be over 300.

If TfL and the Met are worried about the true number of rapes and serious sexual assaults becoming public, because it might put people off using private hire....just how high are the number of attacks......And why are the powers that be, covering this up? 
"Because people may be put off using Private Hire !!!...."

Surely our licensing authority and the Met Police have a duty of care to inform the public of the full dangers of taking an unbooked, unrecorded journey in a minicab!
Public safety must be a priority.  

See our video from 2011. This video was removed from YouTube. We fought hard to get this reinstated. 
  's a tough watch.