Thursday, January 28, 2016

TfL : Dancing On The Head Of A I'm Spartacus.

So here it is folks an extract from the impact assessment from tunnel engineers MottMcDonald paid by TfL about the refusal of TfL to implement the 5 minute rule

We no longer have Plying for Hire and Pre Booking for PH but another concept of 'more immediate private hire' also known as for centuries as Plying for Hire for anyone with an ounce of brain.

'Operators offering digital only bookings: 

'Whilst all operators could be impacted by this proposal in theory, the operator group expected to be most affected by this proposal will be those only offering digital booking because the technology used is aimed at providing more "immediate private hire". 

'Stakeholder engagement also suggests that current average wait times for this operator group are below five minutes. Services could be deemed less flexible/convenient to passengers as a result of this proposal and therefore there is a risk that this could reduce patronage. This proposal is also likely to impact on vehicle utilisation, and the potential to offer more trips which would affect income.

'As this is a long term impact which could affect business operations and trade, the impact has been assessed as major adverse'. 

Nothing about how anything adverse is for us, public safety or anything else.

So Boris and TfL you had your chance to right a wrong, you have blown it.

'Those who sow the wind, reap the whirlwind'

I'm Spartacus