Wednesday, January 27, 2016

LTDA Refuse Help With Crowdfunding Project And LCDC Want To Join With Campaigning Uber Drivers.

I've been told that the Action For Cabbies group, asked the LTDA to post an article in the new edition of Taxi paper. 

Allegedly, their request was rejected. The editor of Taxi paper obviously feels the story of a Taxi drivers acquitted of involvement in the Hatton Garden Heist would be of more interest to its readers, than the struggle of the wives, family and friends of Taxi drivers crowdfunding appeal to take TfL to court.

They then asked if the LTDA would kindly email their members informing them of the Action for Cabbies crowdfunding page. This too we are told, has been rejected.

Today, we find that the group representing private hire drivers, have been advertising the  Action for Cabbies campaign on social media and we believe they will now be encouraging all their members to pledge funding.

Even stranger however, after the LCDC's outright refusal to support the UCG's Whitehall demonstration, Grant Davis is now trying to gather support from all trade orgs and unions, to join up with the United Private Hire Drivers Group (this is the group which represents Uber drivers) with a demo in Whitehall.

In a leaked email (sent yesterday) to trade orgs, Grant said George Galloway would attend. Galloway recently address the UPHD meeting-also attended by the secretary of the LCDC-saying he would do everything in his power to support Private Hire drivers.

Grant said he hopes the UCG will cancel their demo and join with other trade orgs to support the Uber drivers who are on £4 an hour and have to claim benefit to make a living. 

So there you have it ...All this talk about unity and we have our largest association, offering no help to the Action for Cabbies group....And the LCDC who refused to support past and future demonstration by the UCG wanting to throw their lot in with Uber drivers.

Whether or not the other orgs and unions support this call, looks like the LCDC have already agreed to join with the Uber drivers in their struggle to get a bigger share from the work they are stealing from us.

Wonder how their membership feel about this! 
Did they even bother to ask their members?