Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Important message to all GETT drivers....from Glen Alutto

Around 5 weeks ago the format of your statements changed (first one 30th november).

You had the summary on the first sheet and details of your jobs on the 2nd sheet.

The difference was on the second page when they added the column showing your fees paid for each job, i.e. 10 % max £4.00. 

If anyone did an invite to Gett from that change, you will see on the first page (summary) the invite to Gett are shown as free, but if you then look at the 2nd page you will see for all invites you're actually charged the fee.

Although its slightly complicated if you add up all the fees and compare with the total fees deducted you have been charged for ALL invites to Gett.

I first noticed this before christmas, and worked out that for 20 invites I had been charged £56.02 in fees! 

Several e mails from the 23rd December up until today, have now resulted in the head of driver services admitting this is an error in the system and have refunded me. 

However, Gett have not told me that they will inform every driver of their accounting errors, so all drivers please check your statements and make a claim to Gett for the overcharging on Invite to Gett jobs.