Saturday, January 23, 2016

Assembly Member Valerie Shawcross Calls into Question, George Osborne Motives On Lobbying For Uber

Boris doesn't deny at MQT, when asked that he was directly and personally lobbied  by George Osborne  in support of Uber. 

How does that work ?  - what is a Chancellor of the UK Exchequer doing lobbying personally for a global company that isn't a corporate taxpayer in the UK?  

It's not sustainable for UK democracy and public services  for our  government  to favour companies  who don't make a contribution to the coffers over local small enterprizes that do!   

The  UK  is  a good place to do business because it is a well run  and regulated business environment.

 But antiregulatory right wing ideologists in Government will destroy the UK's economic success by undermining our public services and regulated environment  through their active support of tax avoidance!

Source : Facebook January 21st 3pm