Sunday, December 13, 2015

We Are The World's Best Taxis, Because Of The Knowledge ... by Courtney Connell

The Knowledge of London is the Bedrock of the Cab Trade started in 1851, it was ordered by Prince Albert that all London cab drivers should know where they were going.

This was because cab drivers  knowledge was poor at the time of the Great Exhibition, since that time we have had the Knowledge of London, which has become an institution just like Parliament, how dear the Conservatives call for the removal of the greatest form of rehabilitation I know which is the Knowledge.

I wonder would these same Mps call for the removal of Black Rod, I think not, we are part of the fabric of this Society,  we are London not the Private hire, we must not let the Knowledge be destroyed at any cost, but we must stay within the law to do so.
We pride ourselves on being the best in the World no one else can come close to us, and that is because of the KNOWLEDGE OF LONDON, they call it archaic, but in the West Indian community we have a saying ( A NEW BROOM SWEEPS CLEAN BUT AN OLD BROOM ALWAYS KNOWS THE CORNERS ).

If the Knowledge goes then the Cab Trade goes then thousands of others who earn off the Cab Trade will go, the domino effect,



Editorial Comment by Marc Turner 
My sentiments entirely Courtney. Unfortunately our trade greatest threat is from the 'apathy' of the majority of our own colleagues. 

They believe in letting others fight their battles, then no doubt espouse in the shelters how they would save the trade. But the truth is most of them don't have any stomach for the fight. 

All it would take for the authorities to take heed would be one substantial 'lawful' demo of approx 10/15,000 (from all orgs or none). 

But as has been proved most of our numbers can't be arsed, or just gutless!!

Know your enemies!
Below is the Tory group that want to put an end to the 164 years of "The knowledge of London" 

Remember these people when it's time to vote!

"These people" want to do away with our job, so let's campaigne to do away with theirs.


Anonymous said...

Courtney speaks well as a General - Semtex has spoken the hard words of truth in describing the identified corrupt enemy.

The conservative government are corrupt.

The Mayor is incompetent and corrupt.

London's emmisions are at catastrophic levels because of corruption, political pressure and negligence.

The 9,000 people dying in the capital each year could well exceed 50,000 with the current traffic management systems.

There are technical and innovative solutions to combatting emissions that the government refuse to adopt. These solutions are proved an tested and would reduce particulate pollution with immediate effect.

The Mayor Boris Johnson, The GLA and the UK Government know of these solutions, but choose not to implement change...



Anonymous said...

Is an one to one oral exam, that is not witnessed or recorded in any way still allowed in this country? The reason for 100000 phv in london is the knowledge takes to long, people get scared of, if the examiners choose to give you a hard time, it can take 5,6,7,8 years, Change it now, and save the taxi trade

Marc Turner said...

When one joins the army and undergoes training, that could be construed as 'a hard time'...In fact a 'hard time' makes for a better, more professional cabbie, who appreciates the trade he's entered. The beneficiaries being the public.

@yesmelud said...

Not many comments are being made that a high percentage on the knowledge are holding on to their existing jobs which delays their completion of their studies. None of these idiots know what they are talking about. It IS possible to complete it wothin 3 yrs full time. Silence from the examiners in supporting the trade is deafening.. where are they in our fight against these morons. Where are the cab manufacturers? Where are the taxi garages? Where are the renting proprietors? Where are the taxi restaurants? Where are all the other ancillary trades that rely on us for a living? They all stand to lose but its only the frivers who are up front and fighting for the trade.

Anthony Minas said...

I'm not discriminating against age, but how can a 72 year old man like Richard Tracy accuse our trade of being to old! At his age these words are clearly not his mindset , these words have been programmed into him by the conservative party's biggest donators! How can the knowledge be done on a computer like he suggests! It's impossible to complete the kol in this fashion, he mentioned On live radio that technology has outdated the knowledge but no sat nav or computer can get inside the minds eye like seeing it for yourself on numerous occasions! How would he react if it was suggested that the age of MPs and bankers are far to old and the standards need to be dropped to encourage the youth(he would choke on his caviar) if you want to take the shorter route and use a sat nav you become a private hire driver and earn less! If you want to become the gold standard , you study like any other profession and earn your stripes! It's worked for 50 years! If Richard Tracy wanted to help us we all know he could do it tomorrow by getting behind the fact that the taxi trade needs one app for all like cabapp! It's that simple dick

Anonymous said...

It took me 10 yes 10 years to complete what with knock back and family deaths but not once did I consider to give up I was slaughtered by one examiner who put me back from 21's to 56's but I carried on I had encouragement from some examiners including Courtney words which I have never forgot to change it now would be a mockery to all people like myself who in the end completed the KNOWLEDGE

Sean Day said...

When isolated individuals say five, 6, 7, 8 years, it causes a gasp from observers. However the length of time is not a concern, it is about reaching a point where one is fully conversant in London's road infrastructure - the required standard. Hello hey potential driver gets there is up to him. We should look at the magnificence of that.

Most training programs are structured in a way that cannot undergo training. Fortunately, I was able to live and breathe the KoL, at a time when it took three years 10 months, I managed to complete the whole thing-from the day I did Manor House to Gibson Square to the day I gave my first fare free- in two years three months. Only those who make it through to completion really can truly understand why we do, what we do.

It's no surprise that Richard Stacey thinks the way he does either,, he has, after all, spent most his life creaming off the milk on the back of privileges. The idea of pursuing a goal through endeavour and the true significance of that journey will always, and forever, evade him!