Saturday, December 05, 2015

Think You Can Do A Better Job At Taxi And Private Hire?...Step Up And Be Counted.

Think you can do a better job at Palestra?
Well, here's your chance to prove it.
They are currently looking for an information manager, (must be all them formation we've been giving them lately that's piling up) and with the right skills and knowledge, they say the salary in flexible!!! 

Information Manager - Taxi & Private Hire.


 - TfL, Taxi and Private Hire


 - Communications

Position Type - Full Time

Information Manager -Taxi and Private Hire

Salary: circa £45,000pa however a degree of flexibility on the salary will be considered depending on skills, knowledge & experience.

Location: Southwark
Type: Permanent

London’s taxi and private hire industries play a vital role in our city’s transport network, providing crucial services by operating at times and places where other public transport modes are often unavailable.

Transport for London(TfL) is working hard to improve how it engages with London’s 25,000 taxi drivers and 93,000 private hire drivers and the trade bodies that represent them. 

So, TfL finally realise they desperately need to improve how they engage with us.
Are they now, admitting they have no one in their whole organisation who has the skills and knowledge to improve engagement and deal with the incompetence and inadequacies, currently smothering their systems.

We could have told them this years ago!


Anonymous said...

I bet they have already got their stooge lined up!LONDON is near grid lock and there are more major roads going to be closed in the near future and TFL think they can get someone to tell us that everything is going to be ok,well good luck with that.EVERY JOURNEY MATTERS,my ARSE?

Brian said...

An information officer.
Wonderful news...instead of sneering contempt and derision, all the bad news will now be conveyed with a kissy kissy hug smile.
Gotta finish now gents, rushing out to buy my new £43,000 cab.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Goebbels or Comical Ali.

Every journey in tatters.

Super Bob said...

Communications? It's probably the guy who sends me emails once in while, telling me this "road is closed" and that I should "avoid the area if possible". should know that I cannot avoid the area, if that's where the passenger wants to go. Since we work these city streets, your communications offer us no insight or help...we feel the ripples of any disruption long before we see them. Also, every road closure, every event in London, every cycle superhighway you build,every three-in-a-row, often empty, open-top Tour bus, and every PHV you allow to ply for hire, has an impact on the metered fare...and ultimately our livelihood. Communicate THAT amongst yourselves......

Anonymous said...

What about the absolute waste of money they spend on taking out adverts in the Evening local. To paraphrase; ' we're really working hard to improve (substitute destroy) London traffic problems & make it safer (substitute worse) for everyone' Sally. John, Robert , Zane, beetle juice, la la, Po - of the traffic dept, planning, canteen, etc' with a grinning Chesire cat grin to supplement it.

We know what you are doing without the ads: f****** up the whole of London! In all my life living and working in Central London, I can truly say this situation now is absolutely horrendous. When I think of how lovely it was in London in the 60's & 70's growing up, I cannot believe what has happened. Yes, it could be rough and living conditions for everyone weren't great but there was a real sense of community, in every working class area of London - and we all knew and talked to one another. I really feel sorry for the young people in London now who've never experienced this. There was good work about and people had fun. Now every working class person is on a treadmill and p***ed off with a lot of things.

I honestly believe the powers that be, set out on a mission to destroy all the inner London working classes and dismiss us to the suburbs or further. Many were earning a reasonable wage 35/40 years ago and I think they thought; 'we can't have this, the hoi polloi getting above their station' and they decided to get us all out and finish our jobs, piecemeal - the print, the docks, etc - and now we are the last piece in the jigsaw! And that's the same for all of them, Tory, Labour and even those sawdust brained Liberals. In my opinion they want an idyllic inner London that they can all ride around in on bikes and traffic free. Although, obviously keeping the car to drive out to their places in the countryside at weekends! We can all be out in the far suburbs and come in to service them via deliveries, and as domestic staff, etc. Basically, they're complete and utter a*******s with nothing but contempt for us - but wealthy, dangerous and spiteful a*******s! Rant over and hopefully we can all survive this attack on us, by this bunch of inept but powerfully backed clowns! (Apologies, for the long text but I had to get 30 years of simmering of my chest:-)!)