Monday, December 14, 2015

Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent ... By I'm Spartacus

   "What! Not those Cabbies moaning again?"

Not this time readers, this week we had that famous high profile politician Mr Tracy, Conservative GLA member for we assume Tracy Island prattling on without any evidence or justification that the world renowned Knowledge of London needs dumbing down.

Why has he done this apart from his need to grab a headline? 

We can speculate if a well connected non tax paying company has used its offshore dollars to lobby on their behalf, if they have what does that indicate? well it's obvious if you think about it.

The sweatshop model they operate has now been seen through by their own drivers and the travelling public is becoming aware of the rip off surge pricing and the difficulty of getting any meaningful  customer service. Growth predictions are poor.

They are also under the pump from the regulator who has finally awoken to the gridlock and widespread touting etc. That is going to add cost.

The answers usually for any self respecting long term business is to invest in customer service and meet any reasonable regulation.

That's not their business model though is it?  

it's all about unrealistic low operating cost and growth and all and  any price and with no regard to either their workforce, environment  or client.

So now the gaff is blown, their response is to convince the citizens of London, the regulator and politicians that dumb and dumber is the way to go.

Well sorry to disappoint you all, we and our clients like London Taxis exactly as is, the envy of the world.

Your being dragged into courts all over the world over regulatory and employment issues, your backers are getting twitchy, your so called billion dollar market valuations don't appear accompanied by a stampede of buyers do they?

Happy New Year, the clocks ticking!

I'm Spartacus