Friday, December 18, 2015

Meanwhile back at the Pyramids! ... By I'm Spartacus.

We had the remarkable sight this week of PH drivers protesting outside TfL over terms and conditions and the over licensing by that 'Gold' standard licensing authority of ours.

I can't  help but remind me that the earliest recorded case of 'industrial action' was by the slaves of Egypt downing tools on the pyramids over food and accommodation issues.
it's noted that whilst pay remained an issue, better grub and board did follow.

Maybe we all need to take the message that no matter how powerful the 'enemy' seems if we conduct united, concerted and coordinated action it can bring results.

We have just seen the Taxiwars documentary that whilst not highlighting all the issues, Our opposition came out in a very poor light and we must keep highlighting that.

Watch here:


Alleged £250,000 A Week On PR
These people throw millions at PR and lobbying and for good reason but it's a very thin veneer when challenged and society in general are anti 'spin', what we have to do is spend time and money ensuring a light is shown on places that the PR 'gurus' move heaven and earth to conceal. 
I note Sports Direct are having a board meeting over concerns, we can speculate that this would not have happened without negative headlines.

So folks whilst some of us will spend at least a little time reflecting on those events in Bethlehem 2000 odd years ago, maybe after that think about those Pyramids further back in time.

Will we win?

Well we are  still in the ring, throwing punches hard and fast and this challenger must now know that the world champion won't be giving up the title without one hell of a scrap.

So Merry Christmas and the New Year message is:
'Seconds out, Round Two'

I'm Spartacus