Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Letter To Editor : Re The Uber Drivers Leytonstone Attacker

It has been said that this story was trying to be kept under wraps but it was published quite prominently in the Daily Mail today and confirmed by Uber – that this alleged terrorist was an Uber driver. 

It would have made a sensational story if this driver had picked up a VIP (or an MP – though they’re not necessarily the same thing) and decided to carry out his attacking spree on someone in the public eye. That would have made the authorities put pressure on TfL to exercise greater care and control of whom it licenses.

Migrants like this do not get a DBS check so should never be allowed to hold a licence until one has been supplied. Anything less makes a complete mockery and undermining of the expensive and complex security system put in place to protect the public. Where are the safeguards in cases like this? 

This loophole should not exist but it is up to TfL to safeguard the public by using its discretion in vetting any such applications. This case proves they have ‘just cause’ to refuse any such licence application unless it is accompanied by a DBS background and criminal check. I’m sure many in our trade believe that they’re not very good at applying safety checks in more areas than this one.

Due to recent events the country is at a very high level of security alert, asking the public to be vigilant. This should also apply to TfL as to who gets licensed as a ‘responsible driver’ and meets all the safeguards. 

As things stand it appears TfL can be accused of failing the people of London – and/or aiding and abetting terrorists through lack of proper and stringent checks. We have to wait up to 4 months for a licence renewal (in part due to DBS checks) but those with a questionable background and a history of mental problems including drug-taking, can get a licence within weeks. 

There is something radically and dangerously wrong here. 

TfL should close this loophole with immediate effect by insisting that without a proper security and criminal background check, no-one can be licensed. We should demand nothing less. 

The public deserve better.


Anonymous said...

This Uber driver would never have been licensed if the police and the DBS had done the necessary criminal and background checks. Should we consider ourselves lucky that he never killed someone accessed through his privileged position as a 'licensed' driver?

It seems his medical background was not taken into consideration - how did this happen?

There should be NO loopholes - the Licensing Authority should be ashamed of themselves for allowing anyone to openly avoid the security process that now appears to be porous. What kind of safety check is this - one of a 3rd world country?

Are we in for more of this with such a flawed system? It's time to act and plug this loophole that favours those with terrorist ambitions to get into a position of trust with little or no safeguards from the London Licensing Authority - TfL.

Anonymous said...

TFL are bending over for Ubend as they are scared stiff off going to court,or maybe they have been promised a job when they have wiped out the opposition.Gutless bully's.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent letter,yes where are the safeguards for the travelling public TfL?

To be VIGILANT, TfL? do you understand what VIGILANT means?

By your present day non actions, it appears that many would come to the conclusion that you TfL, are fronting terrorist action in London !!!

The letter to the editor of TAXILEAKS, should be passed on to the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Unit.

Trevor Ford said...

It’s disgraceful. Surely this is discrimination against applicants and existing drivers who have had to go through a full DBS check? It should be tested in court. All applicants should have to jump through the same hoops

Anonymous said...

thank god he didn,t decide to pack his car with explosives and drive it into the west end.still not ubers responsibility,read in a croydon news paper last week a coloured lady was allegedly assulted and racially abused by an uber driver.

LTU said...

which offences do TfL deem it worthy of suspension of an operators or drivers licence