Thursday, December 17, 2015

Just When You Thought It Can't Get Worse...Uber Announce Booking Through FaceBook Jim Thomas

Uber to allow users to "hail " minicabs directly from the FaceBook Messenger app.

The new service means Messenger users will be able to ask for an minicab without leaving the Facebook software. 

Users will not need to download the Uber app separately. (So are Uber now venturing into the instant hail cash this legal)

"Uber on Messenger" began in parts of the US this week, the two firms said. 

The companies announced their new venture via separate blogs. 

Facebook has some 1.5 billion users globally and Uber is the world's biggest minicab-hailing app in terms of financing.

Facebook explained how the service will work in this video.

The two-step process involves tapping an address in a message or the car symbol in Messenger's menu of options and then selecting "Request a ride".
Uber will then send updates on the status of a car through Messenger.

If successful, the partnership between the firms will give Uber access to many new and potential clients - Facebook's Messenger app has some 700 million users worldwide

Editorial Comment: 
Obviously both Uber and FaceBook operate internationally. However, if they try to introduce this service in London, they will come up against a number of legislative regulations....not that Uber have taken a blind bit of notice of legislative regulation in the past, having the luxury of being supported by TfL's licensing department, who have consistently bent the regulations to suit Uber's operation. 

We asked if FaceBook were licensed as a PH operator; 

We then asked TfL if this service were to take off in London, what action would they take; 

Going in past performance, to be honest, these answers don't really put our fears to rest.

Today's vote on "do you feel in an Uber car?"
in today's Daily Express online.


Anonymous said...

this scum of the earth outfit has got to go ,we need a demo of biblical proportions now

G said...

We are being shafted here from all angles.

These response tweets from the TFL TPH twitter feed surely are blatant evidence of corruption and wrong doing for a case against TFL??

We have the proof.

For e.g the PH consultation proposals......... They are not proposed measures, they are measures that are already be in place and that are not being enforced.

We are being mugged off and the reason is that the taxi trade is nothing without solidarity and unity, which is hard to achieve when individually we all have our own personal opinions & agendas.

If for one day we could forget about the bills, about the next pound note, forget about retiring soon, and maybe just come together, all of 24000 of us just to show them that we aint going down without a fight.

There is no getting away from the truth here, we are the best, we are the safest, we are the most knowledgable.

We can win, we will win

Cream rises my fellow drivers.

Anonymous said...

WHY, are the LICENCING Authorities, up & down the Country, being allowed to, ignore the LEGISLATION, which they are trusted to APPLY?

WHY, are they NOT enforcing the LEGISLATION?

these people are in, Public positions of trust, WHY, are they NOT being held to account, for their WILLFULL negligence?

we mustn't fiddle while Rome burns, we must act NOW

the band CAN'T play-on, while the Titanic sinks

Alan Wicker

Anonymous said...

Even more scary out of London uber , the cars are covered in uber stickers that would be it for us in London ., ,, ,January Boris will need to call the Army in and even they won't be able to stop us , 25.000 thousand taxi drivers losing there jobs and all a former mayor could talk about for three hours on his LBC radio show was should or shouldn't he take a place in the House of Lords that Corbyn has offered him.....

Sean Day said...

Do you remember the ding dong a couple of years ago when it was leaked FaceBook had conducted a covert social experiment?

Not long after information was released about Messenger having legal rights to look through your phone/ iPad camera , even when switched off, and not unlike Uber, FB & Messenger afforded themselves the right to use our images, post updates on our behalf, contact those on our friends list, and delete messages without our permission. Many FB users boycotted Messenger and shifted over to Whatsapp...and guess what? Whatsapp had been purchased by FaceBook!

Corporate Communism! The KGB would've loved such surveillance powers!