Wednesday, December 09, 2015

History repeating I'm Spartacus.

Firstly let's nail the inevitable retorts about racism and Islamophobia.

We (or at least some of us did) reacted promptly when the 'killer on the knowledge' case broke.


Very few of us knew either the race or religion of the person concerned, just that we saw a gaping hole in TfL's systems and how the public are placed at risk.

It seems to have happened again, despite our continued concerns, we are batted away as a 'vested interest'.

Well it just don't wash.
The purpose of the KOL is to test character as well as topography and that's why the second tier of PH has needed to be pre booked so full records can be taken and the driver time to plan a route, yet TfL has licensed a method of PH operation that makes this impossible, why they did no one knows, even the operator states they don't pre book.

Of course the madman in Leytonstone would have done this regardless but it's certain that anyone who had been previously 'sectioned' should have come under scrutiny before being placed in a position of trust.

Many awkward questions for some to answer, it's just an absolute tragedy that someone innocent has had to be the catalyst.

Public safety is no place for muddle headed 'political correctness' or political influence.

We the citizens of London, Jew , Gentile, Muslim, Rastafarian  or whatever, DEMAND better.

Editorial Extra : A Blast From The a Past:
A convicted murderer had been accepted onto the knowledge, who had already been licencpsed by TfL as a private hire driver.

On the 10/09/09, the trade united and held two successful demos at Penton Street N1. 
The result was the killer was slung off the knowledge and the director of LTPH Ed Thompson was moved on.