Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Taxis Can Compete With Uber, Using Verifone's 'Curb' ride-hailing app

If it works in LAS VEGAS, surely it can also work here in LONDON!

Uber and Lyft are about to get some strong competition in Nevada. 

A new app promises to connect passengers to at least half of the cabs in Las Vegawho have already signed up. It’s expected to work with Smartphones, allowing people to e-hail a local taxi.  

The app is called Curb and is being developed by Verifone, a company that specializes in handling online payments.

Unlike Uber, the Curb app will allow users to call for a cab on demand, or schedule one in advance. Curb claims it will launch with 500 ‘licensed and insured taxi drivers,’ according to a company statement. In time the app developer says it will be linked with half of the taxi cabs in Las Vegas.

Curb will also charge a fixed price for taxi rides, regardless of demand. Uber uses what’s known as surge pricing, meaning the higher the demand for its drivers the more passengers pay for a ride.

Local cab companies set to be a part of the Curb app include LuckyCab, Western Cab Company and Nellis Cab Company.

Curb is also touting safety measures that have been a sticking point for Uber and Lyft. “Our drivers are already drug-tested and thoroughly background checked and our vehicles are regularly inspected,” according to spokesperson Jim Eckstaedt.

Editorial Comment:

Verifone (NYSE: PAY), the world’s leader in payments and commerce solutions, announced in October 2015, an expansion of its taxi electronic hailing (e-hail), payment and media business with the acquisition of Curb, a business that connects people in approximately 60 U.S. cities with rides from professional, fully insured, fully checked and fully-licensed taxi drivers. 

Unlike Uber, Curb allows passengers not only to hail an instant ride, but they can also make a pre-booking for a future ride. Something the Uber app doesn't allow. 

The question has to be asked, as london has one of the largest and most professional Tax fleets in the world, will Verifone be looking to introduce Curb here?


Anonymous said...

All the middlemen lining up for their share our fares, we'll have to get minibuses soon to carry all these freeloaders in the back, they are sitting there even when we're empty.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One thing we all need to do is take card payments ,all you drivers who still only take cash and have cash only signs in the window you are a disgrace not only to the trade but to yourselves, stop it now it's just as bad as brooming and jumping in front of somebody,which I noticed is mainly the cash only drivers. Black taxis don't need to rely on apps how can waiting for an app minicab to turn up be better than hailing a black cab in the street, there's enough black cabs to service demand in the centre of London if we all do the right thing,admittedly we could lower our prices maybe we should try to get tfl to do that instead of trying app after app after app that never really work for us . Taking card payments and lower prices is the only way forward for us to survive, we're the best in the world bar none minicabs aren't that much cheaper than us. If people didn't want us anymore we'd already be gone, there's enough minicabs out there to take over from us yet we are still getting work which tells me we are wanted,maybe if we make it a bit easier by taking cards and lowering prices most people would use us like they used to.

Anonymous said...

Spoke to Verifone earlier and they said they had an app they were going to launch in London.
Apparently they are not happy about the story being leaked.

Anonymous said...

I use three credit card options, paypal, izettle and through hailo, I don't want a 4th imposed on me by our dodgy incompetent regulator. The cash only old boys were mainly the ones refusing to give receipts, now it's credit cards. They get us all a bad name, but the majority shouldn't be punished for the actions of a few.

Gerald Coba said...

A non 1052
To be honest, you are going to get what you deserve. All the spouting about hose who don't take cards on social media have done the trade irretrievable damage. The bad publicity has given our ememies bullets to fire at as.
Initially started by those with financial interests in third party card clearing equipment suppliers it didn't take much to set the drivers against each other, just like with the IDs.

Well now you are going to get shafted.

BTW, what makes you think the cash only drivers are "old boys"
Most I've seen are in their 30's

Cab Vision's been very vocal and has tweeted that mandatory card acceptance will be introduced under conditions of fitness, not just the equipment but acceptance.

You asked for this
Now they are going to make sure you get it
And they are going to stick it to you.
So, just make sure you get lubricated, bend over and take it, no org is going to fight this, there is too much advertising revenue involved.