Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Questions in Parliament yesterday: Numbers of PHVs in London and defining plying for hire

       Jim Fitzpatrick (Lab)........Andrew Jones (Con)

In Parliament yesterday, Jim Fitzpatrick Labour, Poplar and Limehouse, asked the Secretary of State for Transport, what steps he is taking to reduce the number of private hire vehicles illegally plying for hire.

The question was answered by Andrew Jones, Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Transport).
He said "the Government is responsible for the legislative structure within which local licensing authorities deliver the licensing regime for taxis and private hire vehicles. Enforcement of the licensing regime, including ensuring that private hire vehicles do not illegally ply for hire, is therefore a matter for local licensing authorities and the police"

Jim Fitzpatrick Then asked the Under Secretary, "what discussions he has had with his ministerial colleagues on introducing a statutory definition of plying for hire in the taxi and private hire vehicle industry".

Andrew Jones replied:
"As part of the process of considering all the recommendations in the Law Commission’s report on reforming taxi and private hire vehicle legislation, my Department is continuing to discuss the proposals with colleagues in other Government departments.

The Government will formally respond to the Law Commission and announce its intentions in due course."


Anonymous said...

men are coming to kill us!

Sean Day said...

Is it just me, is the Government two years behind every body else. Remaining slow and methodical is fine when those you are legislating for/ against abide by the law, but the app based venture Capitalists don't. They're sticking with the old book keeping system even though everyone else is using smartphone technology. It's time the dusty, archaic, bureaucratic system went for it's generational overhaul