Monday, November 09, 2015


A drunk black cab passenger who punched the driver so hard he broke his jaw narrowly avoided jail after his wealthy parents offered to stump up £15,000 compensation for his victim.

Antony Patsalos, (above) 25, hit experienced cabbie Ayanie Nageye after an argument erupted over the payment of a £31 fare for a late-night taxi ride home from a boozy night out.

Mr Nageye, (above) who has held a Hackney Carriage licence for eight years, was left to drive himself to hospital in tears after the single blow sent him reeling to the floor.

Mr Recorder Lawrence Cohen QC said he was 'struggling' to find a reason not to send Patsalos to prison after he was found guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm. 

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the QC should drive a Taxi for a few weeks and then have a rethink on the senetence.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what would have happened had. It been the Taxi driver who broke this slags jaw?

Anonymous said...

One law for the rich another for the poor!

simco said...

Those who may recall The Drive at Abakus just before we set up UCG, I was taking photo of large group of touts outside. One of the touts, known to some to be violent hit me on the hand and broke my finger. Police decided not to procecute so his.PH licence wasn't revoked. Over that incident I was given stressful time by police and PCO. Since that assault I have seen him touting outside venues...... But I suppose PH standards are so rock bottom that a 'criminal' can continue to be licensed and 'play his crime'.


Anonymous said...

If a fare is over 25 pound and customer is pissed always ask for cash on the dash .. Board !!! We pay 50 000. including interest for taxi that has central locking and partition . Yet any trouble we jump out . I know when you get a runner it's not the money but the insult of it is the most annoying thing . The driver was lucky to get 15000 I know hundreds of drivers who have ended up in hospital and got nothing because they got out of the taxi . I remember night drivers who would only take money from the near side window in case of being attacked. We are lucky we've got the money tray in middle . Is it worth getting out of your taxi to confront s drugged up drunk or phsyco . , if you are a member of LTDA report the incident to police and LTDA will refund you the Fare.

Tony Casey said...

If a partner at an international City Law firm can be sacked for making a comment
about people from Liverpool, surely a convicted THUG can be sacked for receiving a
very serious conviction.Name the company this man works for and expose this firm for PROTECTING VILLAINS.this should take us 3 days before he is shown the door