Friday, November 20, 2015

On the trail of the skinny Latte! I'm Spartacus

Today I called TfL to clarify some issues about DBS (CRB in old money) having received my renewal pack

I currently hold an enhanced CRB and subscribe to the update service so anyone require a check can go online and do so, great I thought TfL will accept that no problem.

It's the incorrect type of enhanced check as it doesn't state it covers vulnerable adults, yet the actual check is the same and because I subscribe to the update service TfL can check instantly if anything is untoward.

Note that with the DBS I hold it's ok to work in a school, children's home or nursery but not drive a cab!

If however I am an asylum seeker or have refugee status TfL can't ask for those 'robust' certificates of good conduct from abroad or conduct a DBS check at all!!!!

Meanwhile the cycle superhighway is opening up to be used intermittently as the cyclist chooses, pedestrian terrified and put at risk as pavement are narrowed etc.

We best not think the thousands of unnecessary extra PH vehicles and the latest self indulgent idea from Zak Goldsmith to scrap bus lanes as evidence of the complete utter incompetence and lack of foresight by the Mayor as some kind of conspiracy against us for fear of being called paranoid.

Andrew Gilligan, Camden Council, Johnson and TfL seem unable to recognise the 'bleeding obvious', it's a complete fiasco.

So when those cyclist on their third world sweatshop produced bikes arrive at their non tax paying multi national to work in the PR department, we can rest easy as every Skinny Latte drunk is Fairtrade.

Who says they don't care about anyone or anything else such as the pedestrian, the delivery driver or the public services funding that keeps them alive.

Every Fairtrade Skinny Latte (bought at another well known taxpayer) proves otherwise, don't you just love 'em.

I'm Spartacus


Anonymous said...

To some of us it is pretty obvious that it’s a TfL scam re the DBS so as to get more money out of taxi drivers. Exactly why taxi driver put up with it is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

You can always employ the use of one of the calaborators to speed things up. One word in the obstructionists ear and Bobs her uncle, temporary license!!