Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mayfair Mob Achieve New Victory, For Night Taxi Drives in Dover Street.

Again the Mayfair Mob have eased the burdens on the hardworking night Taxi drivers . 

One of the more active night ranks at the former site of the Dover Street Wine Bar—soon to be the new Novikov restaurant—was recently taken out of commission by an official TfL suspension order, while building work takes place.

Drivers noticed that NO work was taking place from 6pm until 8am. 

An active member of the Mayfair Mob Team, contacted TfL and was put in contact with the new person dealing with Ranks and Highways. The case was put forward that as no work was being carried out in the evening, the rank was lying idol when in fact it could still be used to a satisfactory degree, which would not inconvenience any work being carried out in the day time period. 

After reflection, TfL has now lifted the suspension between the night time hours of 18:00 till 08:00 and a new notice has been pasted ove the previous one.

So, don't be put off by the signage, you can now officially use the rank to service the busy Arts Club from tea time till breakfast. 

Our thanks go out to Mayfair Mob member @raywhu for his dedication and unpaid time he has freely given on this issue. 

Well done Ray.


Anonymous said...

Well done Ray. Another progressive achievement for the cab trade. 👍👍 @gazuana

Gerald Coba said...

This was not a victory that will change the direction of the trade. By itself, it will not save the trade financially.

But what it is, is a major moral victory, that after being told by major representative orgs that nothing could be done, this small band of unpaid warriors proved that it could be done.
If you don't don't get!

This one issue, has shown the London Joint Ranks Committee up for what they really are
A bunch of frauds.

Anonymous said...

Well done Mayfair mob , looks like a new union could be coming to the trade , they remind me of the LCDC club in the early days when they were militant and when they demanded we had a rank outside Dover st wine bar .

Anonymous said... - Page 3 of the badge is worth a read!

DeathWish said...

Re anon 12:20

As founder of the Mayfair Mob, I just wanted to say that for the record, we have no aspirations of becoming a union.

What we do is for the drivers.
We see a problem and we try to sort it out by correspondence with the relevant people who are involved in the councils and TfL.
We contact people in a professional, coherent manner and this gets us the results, because we offer solutions to the problems we are facing.

On behalf of the MM I just want to say thank you for your support and kind words.
We really appreciate it!
Atb Mick