Thursday, October 08, 2015

Westminster Councillors Write To Boris To Insist He Downgrades Black Cab Regulations And Leaves Uber Alone.

A Group of Westminster Council's Tory councillors have written to Boris urging him to “please think again” about Transport for London’s proposed crack down on Uber:

"we are worried by Transport for London’s proposed regulations on Uber. Red tape will hit Londoners who want to get a taxi without paying the higher prices that black cab regulation generates… We are sympathetic to black cab drivers who feel TFL’s existing regulations are onerous. The answer is to cut black cab red tape and leave Uber alone."

THE PROPOSED REGULATIONS ARE AIMED AT THE PH TRADE AS A WHOLE, but it's only Uber who are against the new regulations. 
Shows where these Tory boys are coming from! 

The letter to Mayor Boris Johnson, was signed by the seven councillors below. Six of them have Twitter addresses so you can contact them and let them know what you think of their letter, which was published on Guido Faulkes blog Order Order". 

A) Paul Church

(@CityWestminster) Councillor For The West End (Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Mayfair & Soho)

B) Thomas Crockett

(@Cllr_Maida_Vale) Councillor for Maida Vale, City of Westminster.

C) Peter Cuthbertson 

(@pmcuthbertson) Westminster Councillor Account Director, PB Political Consulting; Director, Centre for Crime Prevention.

D) Tony Devenish

Westminster Councillor Knightsbridge and Belgravia senior planning chairman.

E) JP Floru

(@jpfloru) Author, Libertarian Conservative, Westminster Councillor, Senior Research Fellow Adam Smith Institute. 

F) Richard Holloway, 

(@rrwholloway) Conservative Cllr for Bayswater Ward & Dep Cabinet Member for Sports.

G) Gotz Mohindra

(@GotzMohindra) Conservative Party's London Region Deputy Chairman, Regent's Park member of @CityWestminster & Deputy Chairman of Westminster Faith Exchange.

These seven Tory Boy Councillors think London's Gold Standard, Iconic Taxi Trade should be reduced to licensing drivers with dubious pasts, drive vehicles not suitable for disabled passengers, have no expensive hire and reward insurgence, do away with the Knowledge of London and pay themselves through foreign banks, so they don't have to pay taxi and can claim benefits.