Thursday, October 08, 2015

Update From The LTDA To Its Members.

Members Update

Dear Member

As you will have seen the PH Reg's consultation announcement by Transport for London (TfL) has prompted a massive reaction from Uber and their lobbyists. Some of the media coverage can be seen at

Uber are trying to brand TfL and the Mayor as being anti technology and bowing to pressure from the 'Black Cab Mafia' as they refer to the LTDA. The truth is that these proposals have come about following the recent consultation which you, and many members of the public responded to and are good sensible clear proposals to ensure the publics safety when using minicabs in London.

Uber have already secured over 150,000 signatures on their website after telling their customers that these proposals would mean the end of Uber. The scare tactic email makes no mention of TfL's efforts to ensure the car is insured or that it would be a requirement that Uber give a fixed price to customers and that it would almost certainly mean an end to surge pricing!

It is vital that all of our members, every cabbie and as many friends and family members as possible respond to and support the changes proposed in this consultation and to assist you in doing this I will be sending out a detailed email next week.

On a different note the High Court declaration on the taxi meter case was heard on Monday. TfL and Uber's lawyers argued very strongly that Ubers use of a smartphone to calculate fares does not make it a meter and the LTDA's team along with those from the minicab industry trade group, the LPHCA, argued that it was. We anticipate a judgement shortly, but irrespective of the verdict the case will almost certainly be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Best Regards

Steve McNamara

General Secretary