Friday, October 02, 2015

UCG Statement: Met Issue Section 12 Order on Monday's Demo, Windsor House 2pm

As you maybe aware Trevor Merralls and I were asked to attend an urgent meeting at New Scotland Yard this afternoon to discuss the  forthcoming Windsor House demo.

On Wednesday afternoon the Met agreed we could have 90 minutes, utilising the two eastbound carriageways of Victoria St, the focus being on Windsor House.

Our Campaigns Officer accepted this time limit even though he had requested 120 minutes.

Late yesterday afternoon , October 1st, he received a call from the Met informing him that actually we could now have only 60 mins. Trevor refused this 30 minute reduction explaining that 90 mins had been agreed already

After the Met had discussed our displeasure and refusal to accept 1 hour, they then offered 60 minutes but with all 4 carriageways given to us. In effect all of Victoria St.

We told them that we were still not happy at this last minute time restriction, we would discuss it in committee and ring them this morning with a decision.

After a COM meeting Trevor was asked if we may have 1 hr 15 min compromise the Met said they would let us know asap..

At 11;30 am today ,Trevor and ' one other ' COM member was summoned to the Yard for a meeting 13:30; the Met even offered to "go and get him".

As soon as we sat down ,Chief Inspector Mark Chatfield invited us to call off Mondays action completely as our last two demos had been so successful in terms sheer numbers that the disruption caused was more than they could have envisaged.

PC Keith Leahys words were " You are victims of your own success" and the Police needed breathing space  before our next action.

This request was flatly refused. 
We were then told ," In that case you can have 30 minutes but in only the two eastbound carriageways of Victoria St.

Again we refused as we found it Draconian. They then said we would be served a Section 12 Public Order document Order placing severe restrictions on us ,if we did not accept it.

After a conference call with our committee we said, as our demos are about Enforcing the Law, we would be willing to call them off if the Met would give us 10 police officers and a small TFL compliance team on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night for a few weeks, along with a UCG committee member who could highlight the touting activity hotspots. The officers could then investigate, question and if neccessay arrest touts.

 After a long period, we were told they could not guaranteed this, but they would arrange a meeting with senior enforcement officers and the Head of the Mets cab enforcement, to discuss a 'strategy' and also make our concerns known to TFL !

As a mark of good faith, we then offered to postpone Monday's action, but ONLY (pending the meeting) if they would supply 4 PCs who could act when shown the real tout spots and not the photo opportunity Operation Neon nonsense.

Surprisingly the Chef Inspector said he could not get 4 Constables from Scotland Yard, without primary meetings.

We refused to put faith in meetings which promised nothing and subsequently have been served under Section 12 (3) Public Order Act 1986.

The restriction put upon all attendees will be made clear by us and the Met and we ask, as always, that all drivers abide by them and comply with requests of Liaison and Police officers on the day.


We have been informed that we must return to the Yard on Tuesday, to discuss what the Met refer to as " your 3 huge demos "

Please support us in our continued fight.

We will update you all constantly.

Many thanks guys and girls.

We hope all orgs will now support us as it becomes clear the " stop the demo " order is coming from the very top. 

  Best Wishes 

Angela Clarkson
UCG Secretary 


Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, Don't mention the Heathrow demo's or the Question time demo's every Wednesday in Parliament Square 11am to 1pm

Anonymous said...

So tell the filth you are calling off the demo at Winsor House and call a unofficial flash demo at a location to be announced by activists on the day via Twitter. Thousands of cab drivers decending on an unknown venue. Move the goal posts. I'm sure the cocky nob head that is issuing the section 12 on behalf of Boris Johnson will love it !

Anonymous said...

The previous demos have been well at5ended but have not been reported. The ucg do not seem to have the ability to grasp or understand the route cause of all problems which is corruption. If there had been a proper formal Press Conference with the clear message calling for full exposure by the media the demos would have been successful. As it stands therr has been lttle ir no media coverage. Johnson is Police and Crime Commissioner for london and is pulling the str8ngs dont expec5 reasonable treatment from the met.

Anonymous said...

Have 2 demos - do the filths and behave ourselves - followed by a flash demo - at another location - f#ck em!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is nothing more than the Police trying to control us when then know in reality the cant.

Im sure @flash will find a solution.

Anonymous said...

Solve the problem of dealing with the police by having flash demos on a daily basis at a set time. Every day at say 4pm with the location being announced via twitter. The demos will stop when the media report the full story so there is no need for anyone to negotiate or take resonsibility so the police have no one to speak to. This idea was described in the Magic Roundabout article on taxileaks

Anonymous said...

The outcome of this debacle will sort out the ‘Wheat from the Chaff’ and decide once and for all who is supporting the trade, and who is selfishly supporting their own personal agendas.

Veritas said...

Forget the hyberbole, sit down now with the other orgs and AGREE a strategy including issuing joint press statements and have on hand a skilled spokesperson (probably a professional not a cab driver).

Million marched against the Iraq Wat so don't be certain you can force TfL's hand, they 'suffer' the congestion caused by the cycle lanes every day.

Let's have that minuted, filmed conference of the trade orgs now!

Anonymous said...

We are not ISLAMIC STATE TERRORISTS, just law abiding tax paying taxi drivers, using our democratic right to peacefully demonstrate in the capital city.

What next I ask you, take away LONDON TAXI DRIVERS right to vote?

Anonymous said...

Crack on ucg we have to keep pressure on and it will enter media

Sean Day said...

This demonstration is set to take place outside the house that is facilitating our annihilation. I urge EVERYONE who is aware that it is happening to attend. Whilst I dispute the MET can slap a code 12 or 50 ahead of the event based on sheer numbers alone, it is crucial at this moment we abide by any statement the UCG put out.

That being said, 1-3,000 attendees can take a long time to dissipate, so if you are approached by the MET it is worth being fully conversant with; Articles 10 and 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protect the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. Laws and the actions or decisions of public bodies which interfere with these rights can be challenged on the grounds that there is no adequate justification for them or that they are disproportionate in their effects. Articles 10 and 11 may also impose obligations on the police and other public bodies to positively facilitate protest.

The police know the courts must show regard to the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly protected by Articles 10 and 11. These cases present enormous challenges to decisions made by the police or another public body that restrict protest rights, or more so, where people are prosecuted for offences said to have been committed during a demonstration. No one as far as I can recall was arrested at previous UCG demonstrations? Don't rely on Articles 10 and 11. In and of themselves won’t necessarily win the case but ensures the courts subject measures restricting protest rights to robust scrutiny.

Like I say, obey instructions, belt up, light on, and resume plying for hire, even if that means you're heading 'sarf o'va Lambef bridge'. Stick to the rules, be professional. It's what we do!

Anonymous said...

We must be hitting a nerve,so let's step it up.Where are we living?England, not some despot country,so use your right to protest and show these scumbag's that we are only just starting.