Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Met Stick Two Fingers Up, At Taxi Rank Complaints : Good News, Forge Taxi Rank Extension

Didn't take long for the Met police to go back on their word of making an effort for a better understanding of the problems Taxi drivers are facing around London' West End. 

Over the last 8 months drivers attached to the Mayfair mob have regularly been calling 101, to report cars/minicabs parked on our ranks at venues around the West End. Callers were given a CAD number which is recorded as a complaint that can and has (in certain cases) resulted in a site visit.

Well it now seems the police have taken it upon themselves to downgrade our complaints. Callers using 101 to complain about rank contraventions, will now be given a CAH number. 

This means that future calls will only be recorded as a phone call, rather than a complaint. Also site visits will no longer be afforded to drivers complaining about cars refusing to move off our ranks. 

In fact this looks to all intent and propose that the Met are sticking two fingers up to the Taxi trade, saying "just get on with it". Not the first time we've seen the Met attempting to massage their complaint statistics...no complaints....no problems.

On a brighter note, the promised extension of the Forge rank from two spaces to four, has now been marked out and fully approved. In spite of fierce opposition from our competitors, the rank extension is a direct result of the Mayfair Mobs expansion into the City, with regular "hits" at this establishment, resulting in work being won back from the touts.

The rank has been extended forward leaving little space for the cars to illegally plying for hire .

A big thank you must go to @davebenidorm166 who has been relentless in pursuing the City of London Corporation over this extension. Well done Dave.


Anonymous said...

Mincemeat Swallowed Whole !

Anonymous said...

Zac Goldsmelt is of the opinion PH are cabs. He doesn't see the need for misguided changes to regulations.

Sajid Javid uses phrases such as:

"We as a government - (Dictatorship).

And refers to tax dodging interlopers as:

"Disruptive technology" a new buz phraze to legitimise a corrupt and improper business embedded into the UK.

Uber pay no tax in the UK, however, they spend millions lobbying MP troughers to support their tax dodging enterprise. And they do, overwealmingly!

Boris Johnson now wants a "Knowledge light" for PH drivers...


We have rules, laws and regulations that only apply to licensed taxis in London. We now have legislators in the HOC presiding over anarchy in their chosen places. You can't have it both ways Mr Javid, if you stand by your own politic, public opinion says that the UK general public vote overwealmingly that the TV licence should be scrapped. The public could call it...


I wonder if this kind of activity would be acceptable to you and the tin pot government you are part of Mr Javid ?

Decency, fairness, transparency, law and order. "A FAIRER BRITAIN." All words used by David Cameron in his over rated speech at the Conservative party conference in Manchester. But the truth always prevails.


Anonymous said...

Rabid Javid now carves up steel workers from some of the countries most impoverished areas - quoting:

The Secretary of State for Business innovation and Skills Rabid Javid on cheap unfair trade said today:

No government can change the price of steel in the global market

No government can dictate foreign exchange rates

No government can simply disregard international regulations on free trade and state aid, regulations that are regularly used to protect British workers and industry.

So now he has gone one step forward from his recent declaration about the government welcoming disruptive technology - He is now saying that the government welcome industrial disruptive commodities from countries such as China that will throw many thousands of British workers out of work!

This Tory boy is all over the place morally and ethically, he is obviously devoid of any kind of moral compass at all. Another out of touch Tory PC recruit that was never Eton material, and will never aspire to be the top drawer Johnny that he desperately desires to be !!!