Thursday, October 22, 2015

Letters To The Editor : The Best Solutions, Always The Simple Ones.

The current crop of compliance officers are paid on nights far in excess of a Police constable in the Met/City Police, British transport Police or any regional force.

So why is there a problem?
Semtex quite rightly says, without powers of arrest or powers to STOP they will achieve nothing.

£38,000 for working a 37 hour a week is fantastic but what is their brief from their bosses.

I attented a meeting with Danny Sullivan and unite's Peter Bond about compliance enforcement before the Olympics with Helen Chapman and ex cab enforcement pc Paul Smithers. Paul Smithers name I had never heard of before who worked under sgt Dave Hilson. I believe he must of kept his head down running up to retirement.

So now he is Helen Chapman's consultant who told the meeting that there are 69 warranted cab enforcement officers. 

Has anyone ever seen them? 

I told Helen Chapman that compliance teams should consist of at least one Policeman/Cab Enforcement officer and two compliance officers in a van. The copper can put on a high viz coat eg in Bayswater road, he can then stop two minicabs followed by one taxi to do a compliance check.

Simple you might think.... But Helen chapman was having NONE OF IT.

The Street offences squad who patrol Oxford Street should take over the compliance teams. They know who the villains who steal from tourists in the west end and will take them 5 minutes to know the people touting in Minicabs.

Lets cut the team in half and only keep the best dedicated staff.

Tony Casey. 

Why Can't They Get It Right:

The Met say, Cab Enforcement  officers are warranted, have the power to stop/arrest but we're told they don't have the budget. So what do they do with the money TfL give them?

On the other hand, TfL compliance say have the budget to employ 82 officers! But these officers, mainly seconded from other duties such as revenue protection, don't have the power of warranted enforcement officers.

Surely the solution is simple. 
Take the budget off the toothless TfL compliance and increase the funding given to the Met Cab Enforcement. 
But with the stipulation that they only get the money, if the they have a visible effect and we see reasonable results.

What ever happened to the hi-vis stops in Bayswater Road, Charing Cross Road and Knightsbridge. How easy to check for H&R insurgence and documentation. 

Gerald Coba.