Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Geely Plan New Research Centre As News Breaks Of Plan To Launch UberPop.

As news breaks that Uber will be launching its Uber popular service in London (in a matter of Weeks not months), under a new name...Uber Pool, it's been leaked on Bloomberg Business News, that London black cab manufacturer Geely are getting ready to announce a new research and product development center in the UK to work on zero-emission taxis.

But if Uber's Popular/Pool service proves to be as popular as it has in many other countries, will there be a Taxi trade left in London, able to afford these pricey vehicles. 

Uber pop is the service that uses unchecked, unlicensed drivers, driving unlicensed vehicles to offer ride sharing through its smart phone app. 

Geely is expected to make the announcement during President Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK next week, according to the leak ahead of the official release. The UK research center will be built in the city of Coventry alongside a planned new plant, and will be Geely’s second such facility outside China after its joint center with Volvo Cars in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The company said in March that it will invest 250 million pounds ($382 million) in a new plant in Coventry that will be able to manufacture as many as 36,000 vehicles a year. The company will also introduce a new model in the U.K. at the end of 2017 and other markets in 2018.

Bloomberg article said a spokesman for Geely has declined to comment.


Interesting times ahead. TfL have always stated that ride share services from PH operators would be deemed illegal. 

Uber argue although they have a PH operator's licence from TfL, they are not a licensed Private Hire operator. It's their partners/drivers who are operators, Uber say they are mearly a technology company, not a transport company.


john wall said...

So how does that square up with our chancellor ? courting the chinese to invest in british taxis and also backing a vile toxic company like u##r who want to wipe us out !

Anonymous said...

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick...............


Anonymous said...

Perhaps these new o emission taxis will be driven by the new Taxi trade,100,000 plus ex phv's up graded,you couldn't make it up.

Anonymous said...

If pop up comes to london then only mass direct action would left open to us .are they going to light the fuse

Andy said...

Oober are here to stay pop or not meter or not, the Taxi trade will continue to decline, but it will not die out, not everyone will want or be able to download the oober app, and they will never be allowed to take cash or cards outside the app. There will always be a Taxi trade in London but smaller than it is today, there are loads of drivers leaving the trade every week, you cannot raise a family and pay a mortgage on income from Taxi driving alone anymore.That is a fact.

Editorial said...

Sorry Andy, got to pull you up on a statement you made there.

they will never be allowed to take cash or cards outside the app

That's precisely what they are doing, most nights sitting outside night venues. Just approach one waving a phone saying "can I book yo mate. They will take you cash or card. Some have their own iZettle machines connected to their own (no Ubers ) phone.
They will do cash, many have Tom toms as well as the Uber app.

Touting is rife in Shoreditch, Mayfair, Fulhsm

They can't survive solely on the work they get from Uber, which is what's making the biggest impact to our takings at night.

With the help of the Mayfair Mob, w have managed to slow them down but as their numbers expand towards their proposed target of 46,000, it's going to be a very bleak new year.

Anonymous said...

I think you will find uber drivers can take cash there is an option now on the drivers ass cash or card

Alex said...

I have to agree with Andy; there will always be a Taxi trade in London but not as we have known it. Figures for the number of licensed taxis, taxi drivers, knowledge students and the amount of work all show a downward trend. A percentage of people will never take an Uber, licensed PH or even go by bus or tube but they are not enough to keep 20,000 drivers in business. Look at San Francisco where it all started and where around 55 per cent of the regular taxi trade was lost. Keep on challenging TfL, continue to claw back the night work, smarten up our act and get rid of the 'cash only' mentality so that our customer base can be maintained at the highest possible level. These are the only options given the current situation.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the Chinese president is aware of the London uber situation and Tfl or is that being silly but if their company is investing so much into a new plant that may well be a complete loser perhaps a demo when he arrives may highlight the situation to the Chinese company ?

simco said...

Chinese are interested to have a car production facility in UK. They gained a foothold by buying Manganese Bronze.
This is only their second facility outside China, one being in Sweden alongside Volvo.
They will be selling cars made in UK to European markets competing head on with European manufactures.
They will also continue to produce Taxis for London, whole Country and overseas which will be zero emission Taxis / Private Hire cars.

Anonymous said...

Having read the transcript I can see how the Judge came to that decision.

The App when clicked at the commencement of the journey pinpoints the starting point on a virtual map. The next time it is used is at the termination of the journey pinpointing that on the virtual map.

That information is sent to a 2nd server which works out a route between the 2 points (just like calling over on the Knowledge of London). It then costs the journey which in some cases is not the most direct route as the App did not actually record the journey between the 2 selected points it appears.

Therefore, it is not the App on the phone that is calculating the distance or price as a meter; it’s the 2nd server which does that using Google Maps for instance. This may be the reason that some journeys show a roundabout route between the 2 journey points.

Now according to the transcript, the 2nd server which does the calculations is not in the registered London private hire operating centre but somewhere in the good old USA.

Peter Kent said...

If the licensed taxi (black cab) trade are forced to be wheelchair accessible, a tight turning circle, and by 2020 all electric, why oh why are all the other private hire companies/operators not forced to play on an equal paying field? Also, all black cab drivers, no matter if they are affiliated to radio circuits or not, have fares regulated by the TfL. Again, where is the fair playing field. Uber is allowed to continue to undercut prices all the time (much to the detriment of their own drivers), why will TfL not allow the black cab industry to charge competitive prices to allow them to keep the food on their tables and to be able to earn enough to make it worthwhile going out at all!!!!