Monday, October 12, 2015

Free #SaveTaxi Banner Rear Window Stickers From Ubiquitous

we are really pleased to announce that the Ubiquitous Banner Stickers are now available for fitting.

There are a number of different wordings, but you have to be quick as we only have 500 available.

If you would like one of these, we need to book your taxi in at their garage in Dunbridge St. on any day between 12-15 Oct inc. and 19-22 Oct inc., between the hours of 9.30-11.30am or 2-4pm.

To book please email us at stating your preferred date and time slot, vehicle type (eg tx or vito) and name and contact number please. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to get some positive PR for the trade as well as promoting #SaveTaxi and what we represent.

Book early to avoid disappointment

#SaveTaxi, Stronger together.


Andy said...

Great stuff, I just dont like all this save Taxi, makes it look like we are asking for sympathy.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed there is a collection tin for save our taxis
at the Oak
What is that for?

pat coyle said...

The future strategy for us is straight forward:

The UBER Business model cannot thrive under regulation.

Whetstone has stated several times "Black Cabs should be de regulated" (a race to the bottom), WHY?

Currently they enjoy around 85% profit, with 15% running costs, under regulation the profit percentage would drop to around 45%, factor in palm greasing, landline staff, insurance monitoring, lobbying, retained journalist payments, and overall fire fighting, profit would reduce significantly. UBER fear regulation, above all else, they cannot match us, so the strategy is to bring us to the bottom, with them.

The other solution is UBER Suicide generated by Greed

UBER's Overall objective, is to aggressively dominate the market, and set the standard (We are in the way) in order to achieve this domination, they must first flood the market (1200 drivers per month), and if this continues they will fall foul of (ULEZ)(Boris has spotted this, hence the recent regulatory consultation, hence the Whetstone statement.

The other option is Kill off the UBER Drivers

UBER Drivers are subject to "Sweat Shop Economics)and rely solely upon "Surge Pricing" to break even.

The system implements surge pricing when there are not enough vehicles in the area. what would happen if we were on the platform (not accepting jobs but available).

Surge pricing would not be activated, the UBER earnings would be drastically affected.