Sunday, October 04, 2015

Demo's Don't Work ??? Semtex.

I think it is now fair to say, that with the United Cabbies Group leading the fightback for our survival, anyone who thought that taxicab demonstrations don't work..............would be reconsidering their opinion today !

The panic shown by the Metropolitan Police to Len Martin's democratic planning, and the disgraceful and ungentlemanly fashion that the police have reneged on a previous agreement, shows quite clearly that we have the Mayor on the back foot !

Without doubt, this volatile action by the Met, of constantly moving the goalposts, has come as a direct order from the Blond Clown himself. 

What is more sickening, is the fact that ISIS, Muslims, Gay Pride, War Coalition, Gaza Attacks, Occupy London, Global Corporate Greed Action Group, International Terror Groups, Tamil Tigers, and many, many others, are not only allowed to block London for a whole day at a time......but welcomed in a deceiving ploy to promote London as; 

How many times have London Cabbies had to use their topographical knowledge skills to navigate passengers around mile after mile of "Democratic" demonstrations in professional standards, which have been caused by a major percentage of overseas problems?

I remember a few years ago when almost every Saturday and Sunday, Central London was blocked for the whole two days by demonstrating Palestinians !


I am all for democracy, I am legally compliant and I wholeheartedly respect the laws of our land. But the way we are being bullied (and there is no other word for it) makes me think that we should not be as respectful and courteous as we have been. 

Remember my Politeness For Weakness piece ? 
Well, here you have an example of it in its finest form ! 
Rather than allowing the UCG get a Section 12 Public Order Offence, maybe in the future we can organise a no notice demo, with no single organisation calling it. Therefore, when it is organised by social media, the police have no individual person to hold account, bully and persecute.

What Mayor Johnson's high calibre private education didn't provide him with of course, is streetwise and people skills. 
Telling our trade to Fuck Off And Die, publicly describing us as Luddites and ordering Chief Inspectors of the Metropolitan Police Service to bully us.....................simply turns the screw of anger in our trade, another few threads !

Eventually, when the screw has no more threads left and therefore cannot turn breaks !

We are surely on the last few threads now, and rapidly reaching the point of exasperation.

For the Met to offer us 30 minutes to democratically demonstrate against our cause, in our own capital is an absolute disgraceful insult ! 

See if they would be able to pull that stunt with 500 Tamil Tigers ! 

Last time that lot kicked off, they camped up for a month ! The Met shit themselves ! I wonder what the Tamils did with their Section 12 ? Lit a fire with it on Parliament Green, I reckon !

The true logistical facts of course, are this. If enough of us turn up on Monday, it is logistically impossible for a 30 minute demo to take place. The very fact that so many cabs are in the area and constantly returning, naturally prolongs it anyway.

I see we got another verbal hiding from Business "expert" Louise Cooper a few days ago ?  
Once again the BBC showed their London Taxi Bias position, by allowing this little expert diva a one sided argument. Being a penny pinching financial "expert" makes perfect sense to me why she would take a ride in a cheaper, Goldman Sachs backed Uber car. After all, in the insular money world of our little miss expert, every penny saved and invested counts. Oh, and by the way, who did she used to work for? 
Yep, you got it in one..................Goldman Sachs!
Anyone smell a fresh kipper here ?
I have never forgiven the BBC for betraying me so publicly after I put 6 grand and hundreds of hours into exposing mini cab touts in my Operation Nightingale. They absolutely slaughtered me in the final film footage and not only betrayed me, but made me look a complete prick to my London Taxi colleagues. Cutting out loads of bang to rights blatant touting, they instead portrayed my side as a jealous stance on our behalf and a London Taxi Turf War. The illegalities and corruption I pointed out were ignored !

Anyway, another day, another dollar! 
We must move on and carry on fighting our corner. The UCG in my opinion have knocked any other representation we supposedly have into a cocked hat ! 
The least we can do is carry on supporting them and helping ourselves win this heavily one sided battle. 

Gauging by the fluttering and un-cricket like reneging at Scotland Yard, we have definitely got the Bumbling Clown of a dubious Mayor..........on the back foot !

Be lucky all, stay strong, stay resolute and stay proud.

8829 Semtex