Thursday, October 01, 2015


Watch message from Andrew Pinnington, CEO of Hailo, click link below:

Since being in charge of Hailo from the beginning of the year, it’s become apparent to me that Hailo and the taxi trade need to be more united to build a stronger future together. To achieve this we have made the decision to resign our private hire licence and return to black cab only in London.

As a company founded by Cabbies, Hailo was made strong by its original connections to the taxi trade and we feel we’ve drifted too far from it. We have consulted extensively with the trade unions who have all backed our decision. We are doing this as it’s routed in a genuine belief that you, London’s black cab drivers, provide the public with a crucial service.

Together we need to start by exposing the two big pieces of misinformation about the taxi trade: that cabbies don’t like new technology, and that taxis are a dying trade.

Cabbies began using tech before companies like Uber even existed.

We see every single day a million reasons why taxis are here to stay. All cities need transport that doesn’t just give value for money, but one that provides exceptional service, safety, reliability and accessibility. We have to put a value on all of these things, not just a low price. Black cabs are a godsend for people who want to travel home at night safely; people that need a little extra help getting around, such as those with disabilities or mums and dads that need a bit more space for the kids; and businesses that want the most knowledgeable and speedy way to get from A – B. For all of these people, having a thriving sector of the industry that meets their needs is critical. If we allow price and market forces to be the only criteria, it just creates a race to the bottom on who can deliver the cheapest service.

Black cabs offer a safe, accessible, knowledgeable, opinionated, iconic, speedy and world-class service. Who else can match that?

With a joint belief in these benefits, this is why we are making this promise to you today so that, together, we can use tech to empower you to build a thriving 21st century black cab trade through innovation, data and cutting-edge apps.

With your world-class service and our unbeatable technology, together we can win.

At the heart of this is our commitment to go back to black –100% Hackney Carriage. No ifs, no buts, just taxis.

And to prove to you that we mean this, this is what we are committed to now and in the future:

  • Hailo will be black cab only
  • We will use technology to further reinvent a London icon
  • We will Introduce new & improved ways of working with Hailo, including:
    • A relaunched FastPay solution, giving you the ability to accept card payments from jobs off the street and those booked through Hailo
    • Commission-free periods
    • Capped commission structures – details of all of this will follow over the next few months.
    • A boost to the Dedicated and Priority programmes, providing more work to our most committed drivers.
  • We will stay rooted in our communities – as a British born company we care about the city in which we live in
  • We won’t pick and mix on regulations. Rules are rules – they are there to protect the public interest. If we need new ones, we will work with you and regulators to create them.
  • We’ll give drivers jobs coming in, jobs all day and jobs going home via an indispensable app
  • Continue to make multi-million pound investments in marketing black cabs to get drivers more work

And here are our plans for the trade. We will:

  • Campaign at every level of government, every day, not simply to protect your trade, but to help you build your future. We are working with politicians to make them listen to you.
  • Continue to work in partnership with trade bodies
  • Uphold the unique benefits of the Knowledge
  • Have an aspirational vision for London to make all transport 100% accessible, safe, green and reliable – and lead the world on standards, professionalism, and values.
  • Win back some of the biggest corporate accounts out there – like American Express, already signed up to our books

With your help we can make all of this happen.

Since we launched in 2011 we’ve raised over $100m investment and put over 10 million passengers on your back seats and will continue to do so today and tomorrow.

We look forward to working together with you on building a better future.

Andrew Pinnington
CEO, Hailo


Anonymous said...

Thats better!!!!

Didnt know where to put this ,but proof on the UBER forum that Drivers ring up passengers and ask where they are going if they dont like it they cancel unless its on surge ,knew this was going on now a long time driver admits it

"what i suggest to make the most money call every passenger to see where they are going if its surge, cancell if they are going close i have for 6 monts now"

Anonymous said...

Commission under 5% would make a good start!
But I am getting ahead of myself. You lost the trust, not only trust but you sh*t on drivers that build the HAILO in London. Why not just forget you and go to app that will be honest black cab app only and forever? Perhaps you had your day and lost by being gready and making wrong decision?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, ok Andrew, and this carefully crafted crock of s##t has nothing to do with the launch of Cab App and the loss of market share Hailo has incurred due to London and other places being saturated by Uber. Here's my reply to you Andrew. UP YOURS!

Russ Abbot said...

Just a question Mr Pinnington.

Whilst PH won't be Hailo, will Hailo act as an intermediary for another PH licence holder as DaC do?

We await your answer,.

Anonymous said...

no apology .....
will hailo open a different platform for SCABS through the BACKDOOR,a rival to HAILO.
No word from the 3 AMIGOS,how about a statement from them saying(We got it wrong)

Editorial said...

We have our backs to the wall in the biggest fight of our lives and we are all out of ammo.
We are in danger of overlooking a trump card

This app is up and running
It's what the public want
It's what we need to fight back

And it's there in front of you
It's your choice

All I can say is never look a gift horse in the mouth.
It doesn't matter why this has come about
We should just thank our lucky stars that it has.

Don't let this trade die, just because you didn't the opportunity to save it.

We have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

chris said...

i always thought Hailo made a huge mistake allowing a director to implement a decision to bring in executive cars. Leaving Hailo would have only played into the hands of Uber and alike, thankfully thousands of cabbies realised this and didn't let there hearts rule their heads, consequently Hailo not only survived but flourished and many cabbies who originally left returned some quite sheepishly. I have also noticed some comments made by certain individuals who chastise Hailo are some of the same individuals Hailo let go because they misused the app. I am pleased about Hailo decision because the travelling public enjoy Hailo as its the largest carrier of Londoners that use London black cabs only.

Anonymous said...

I agree that we should think by our heads now and use the Hailo. Their brand was once really strong and still retains some power. They will now promote black cabs as part of their brand promotion. It will help black cab industry in promoting an idea that we are not "dinosaurs" and that black cabs and technology are getting on just fine.