Monday, September 21, 2015

Tony Arbour Calls For Taxi Drivers To Be Sacked!... by Dave Davies.


Tony Arbour should be sacked immediately; he not only caused the disruption at City Hall by improperly ending a Public meeting but then made inflammatory and false statements and is now calling for Taxi Drivers who took exception to HIS improper conduct to be sacked.

He said: “Not only did they riot inside the building, they beat up several security guards, one was even knocked out and taken to hospital.

“I hope those responsible can be identified and have their licenses removed. Debate is the essence of democracy; but this was not a debate.”

That’s right Tony it was not a debate.  It was a corrupt Boris Johnson who didn’t want to face  public scrutiny of his improper and unlawful decisions and policies, deliberately avoiding the situation by colluding with you to improperly stop the Mayors Questions.

The response has to be urgent and continuous direct action by Taxi Drivers calling for the MEDIA to report the true facts about this utter  corruption and for the immediate resignation of Arbour and Johnson and a full investigation

There have been suggestions of a Judicial Review in the High Court to challenge TFL.

The criteria to get Permission for a Judicial Review may not be met and even if they are this process is as corrupt as Johnson and TFL.

A Judicial Review can only be filed to challenge a particular decision and must be done so within 90 days of that decision being made. 

I cannot see a clear decision that has been made that can be challenged.

The issue with Johnson and TFL is not any single decision ; it is utter corruption on may issues effecting taxi drivers.

I personally spent £100k and challenged TFL in the High Court on two occasions with Judicial Reviews.

In the first case the High Court Judge actually ruled that TFL had made 2 unlawful decisions yet no action was ever taken. All I got was a weak apology from TFL. No costs. No damages. No one was sacked for making an unlawful decision in Public Office (a criminal offence). Nothing changed.

The Judge also ignored the evidence and upheld one of TFLs decisions even though it completely contradicted a previous  High Court ruling against the London Cab Drivers Club in 2006.

The Judge, Justice Sir Gary Hickingbottom had previously worked as a Parking Adjudicator for TFL and was congratulated on his appointment as a High Court Judge by TFL in a report. He attended and spoke at conferences with TFL and had a close ongoing relationship with them. How could he possibly fairly hear a case against them? 

He did not declare any of this as a conflict of interest.

Instead he heard the case , ignored the evidence , contradicted a previous High Court ruling and found in TFLs favour.

It later transpired that my legal team Edwin Coe LLP were also corrupt and have subsequently lied under oath in court ( a further case against them is ongoing) No wonder I lost!

Anyone who thinks that challenging TFL in the High Court is a course of action that will lead to change is wrong.

All Johnson and TFL need to do is make sure they have a Freemason Judge and who ignores the evidence and rules in their favour

We also know that Cameron told Johnson to ‘lay off Uber’ as Johnson confirmed this in a meeting with Grant Davis. Lets not underestimate the extent of the Prime Ministers influence in this situation.

It will costs tens of thousands of pounds and take months and months and will merely be a distraction and stop proper action from being taken.

The media will immediately report nothing about the ongoing corruption of TFL and Johnson because it will be illegal for them to do so ; if there is a pending High Court Case there are reporting restrictions which prevent any details about that case being reported and it is considered Prejudicial  if someone does report any details.

The only way things will change is if the corruption is fully exposed in the media.

Channel 4 News conducted an investigation into the improper £1 billion tender process for the Royal Albert Docks. They quoted the former Chair of Standards in Public Life Sir Alistair Graham as saying the actions of Boris Johnson were ‘semi corrupt’ (in other words corrupt)


Because there was no one calling for further action Johnson has been let off the hook and Channel 4 have not even bothered to report the fact that they have exposed corruption and Johnson has been let off.

The very best and ONLY course of action is for immediate and continuous direct action with the clear message to the media that the direct action will continue until they themselves report the full true story of utter corruption of Johnson and TFL.

The UCG need to hold a formal Press Conference BEFORE any further action clearly detailing the reasons for direct action.

The General Public hate corruption and will be supportive if the message is given that this is why Taxi Drivers are protesting.

As soon as someone  talks about Uber or lack of money being earned then the media will spin it as something else and the support is lost

Dave Davies.


Anonymous said...

I feel your frustration Dave, I feel your pain and I feel your anger.
I've always said it buddy, what's the use of going to court, if when we get there we've got Boris's Bullingdom mates all sitting with Judge's wigs on !
Its all bent mate. They are all in the pot together. They are all mates, as it outrageously cost you 100 grand to find out. And people thing the Twins are dead?
Let's give them an answer with the UCG up there this week. No more of their bollox, no more being mugged off, no more lies, no more insults.......and no Surrender !
God bless Dave, hope to see you in the trench mate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Semtex.
I genuinely no longer care about any money I have spent; I posted this to highlight the pitfalls of the long slow costly legal process

My concern is that drivers could be distracted by a legal campaign which will cost a fortune and not change the situation .
There needs to be focus on the demos and a clear message to the media to report the corruption.
If the media expose fully what Johnson and TFL have done then it should lead to change.

I have seen a statement by TFL that they are now calling on the Government to allow them to cap PH numbers.
This is more nonsense as they have previously done this with Yellow Badge Applications

They could and should suspend PH applications pending a full investigation

and also because the Mayor has statutory powers to implement legislation

I wish the UCG every success with their action

Anonymous said...

If only someone with the moral integrity of Dave Davis be appointed to the position of Director of Licensed Taxi and Private Hire there would be a bright future for both industries.
I have looked at the survey, the questions asked and had my own reservations about how this route would affect the trade. I am disappointing that a more detailed account of the discussions with legal councils opinion was watered down to:

"The Licensed Taxi Trade has grounds to challenge TfL!"

Then I read today Dave Davis's article and now my mind is set on direct action. The slow expensive process and the constraints on the media and trade is pivitol and should not be ignored. I appreciate that most cab drivers want to stick it to Boris Johnson and TfL, but the legal action proposed i do not support.

This week the UCG are organising a demo in the City of London that needs a lot of support. I am backing it because I believe it has all the hallmarks of making in roads to make things happen. Len Martin Has a lot of ability and I urge yo all to support the UCG !

Anonymous said...

Finally Boris Johnson can take the moral high ground in the Tory Party.
The only thing he has done is destroyed the London Taxi Trade, needlessly scrapped thousands of taxis, caused thousands of deaths from air pollution, been sacked for lying as a shadow cabinet minister, been sacked as a journalist, had countless affairs and had illegitimate children.
Unlike Dirty Dave the depraved disgusting Prime Minister.
Unless of course Boris and his Johnson were also at the bizarre initiation ceremony ?

Anonymous said...

Where is the evidence that supports the LCDC's claim that the London Taxi Trade has a winnable case against TFL ?

Anonymous said...

I trained as an actor, wacth these two carefully and you can see this was rehearsed, they look at each other , boris smiles when he plans starts to work, he looks over at tony at the time he wants him to speak, tony looks out of the window when he speaks so no one can see his face , to hide the trick, simple but it worked

Anonymous said...

If you need any evidence that legal action will not lead to change then look at the case against the UK Government by a group of solicitors called Client Earth.

They have spent the last 5 years pursuing the UK Government in the courts for the failed air quality strategies. The first went to the High Court which they lost but then won on appeal.
They they went to the European Court and won a ruling that the UK Government must take action on air pollution. They then won another case in the UK Supreme Court which ruled that the UK government must take urgent action.
That was in April and still no action has been taken.
So after 5 years with unlimited legal representation which has probably cost millions of pounds absolutely nothing has changed.
I would love for someone to explain how they think a case against TFL would be any different?

colin said...

Pity all this did not hit the headlines before the election,this lot must think they have 5 more years of free skulduggery??

Anonymous said...

Hello Colin, this stuff has been circulating in small circles - the media have colluded with the authorities for reasons better known to themselves. The good thing now is Joe Average on the ranks and the trade org's now see the corruption and we are all singing from the same song sheet. Spread the word. CORRUPTION!