Thursday, September 17, 2015

Letters to the editor : Alleged insults, collusion and fabrication

I cannot remember the last time London saw such a sustained, systematic and energised cohesive by so many individuals as it did yesterday. To say that it was driver led should be of great concern to the powers that be. 
Boris probably isn't so clever as whily as we make him out to be. 

Most would think strategically, the fact that he was steadfastly keeping to the prescribed agenda, and decided to antagonise an already antagonised crowd has only served to escalate cabbies defiance to take him to task. 

Furthermore, the Chair exasperated the utter rage drivers are feeling by insinuating dehumanisation by referring to those in the gallery as 'these people'.

The very fact that people's lives are being financially and emotionally disrupted with no definite end in sight, and the idea that the monthly faux scrutiny held at the GLA couldn't possibly be disrupted in the slightest, goes to show how detached our bureaucrats become once they move into the glass testicle.

Sean Day

I've had a few people study the webcasts from yesterday and the consensus of opinion is the Mayor's insults were definitely contrived to cause a destructive reaction so he could walk out. 

The heckles could well have been calmed down and Boris should have been asked by the chair to withdraw his insult as in this chamber he's not covered by parliamentary privilege.

After the chamber was cleared, the Chair (Tony Arbour) made a damaging attack on the Taxi trade which was immediately picked up by the media, branding drivers as rioting, aggressive and violent. He also made a claim that three security guards were assaulted and in fact one was knocked unconscious.

This is of course  fabrication and I would expect the LTDA, LCDC, UCG to demand CCTV evidence of any assault. 
If no evidence is forthcoming, we should demand AM Arbour puts out a statement to the press stating he was misinformed about the incident.

Robert Ellis.

Editorial Comment :

Posted yesterday on Twitter and FaceBook

Why should we be expected to believe the statement from the assembly member who wasn't present and discard a statement made by a police officer who was allegedly at the scene?

I think the question should now be asked, why someone with a 'heart condition' has been employed as a security guard, to such an important public building?
Surely these security staff have to have regular medicals, as required of Taxi drivers?

Interview with Grant Davis Chairman of the London Cab Drivers Club 16-09-2015.



Editorial said...

Great interview, can't wait to stick my £100 in the pot.
Let's not hang about begging
Get your hands in your pockets and save your job.


Lenny Erheridge 70111 (originally 44470) said...

I'm in. £100 each? Cheap at the price, sir.
It is not too late to stand up and be counted.
"I never knew." is no longer a viable excuse.
Cold, soaked to the skin, marching for hours, I felt honoured to be in that company. I would rather be there with my brothers and my blisters, than in some warm cab, incestuously working whilst others did my bidding for me.
Viva la Taxi!

Anonymous said...

I was there yesterday on the demo for about 5 hours before the rain got the better of me. If only half the trade had the passion of Sean Day and Grant Davies, the trade would be in a much stronger position. The frustrations and anger came too much for some when they saw 'fellow' drivers either plying for hire, or POB driving in the opposite direction. This trade has too many people looking after number one rather than the good of the trade. EVERY driver should have been on that march yesterday. Can you imagine how it would have looked with 20-25,000 people walking from City Hall to Westminster? Unfortunately this figure was probably only about 5% of that!

I'd happily stick money into the pot, but not when the 95% of the trade can't be bothered to do their bit.

Anonymous said...

The slur regarding "Luddites", the call for "order" and "meeting adjourned" was all a theatrical and rehearsed ruse ! A plotted coup to make us look like thugs.
Johnson's a wrong 'un, just like Livingstone was and still is.
Remember both of them posing for the media behind the wheel of London Taxis prior to running for Mayor ?
Yeah, me too.
Let the dogs out ! Stop the lifeblood and infrastructure from moving ! They hate it, cant handle it and scream the place down !
Let's have a proper out and out fight with these traitors !

Anonymous said...

The sooner the better ,there will always be the head in the sand tosser's but they are not worth thinking about.Let's hope Geely get involved as they will not have anyone to buy their Taxi's the way it is going.LTDA are not short of a few pound's so let's get this going as soon as possible.And try to keep positive as that #### Boris will be on his bike soon and whoever we get must be better then him.£100 is a small price to pay for our futures and to get those TFL dogs in the dock.

Anonymous said...

Where has all the money gone theses unions have been around for a long time not done a lot for the cab trade the odd rank he and there so grant said ltda have 10.000 me members the lcdc they must have a few 100 me members so with your money combined I'm sure you have enough as for geeley I'm sure they will sell them to PH drivers

Anonymous said...

Yep your money will help the 95% who couldnt care less and take jobs while you stand there like plums. Its allways been like this,for me 2009 could have been job done when the UCG started getting organised but apathy apathy apathy!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish the guard well,and I'm sure nobody intended to hurt him deliberately but what is a SECURITY guard, the clue is in the name, doing with a heart condition where he could confront terrorists with automatic weapons?