Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Boris Causes Chaos, Calling Cabbies Luddites.


Today’s Mayor’s Question Time had to be abandoned after pandemonium broke out when Mayor Boris Johnson referred to assembled Taxi drivers as Luddites.

Because so many drivers turned up for the Mayors Question Time, it was decided the overflow of drivers would hold a separate demonstration along Tooley Street. 

TfL had tried to dilute the situation by cunningly filling the auditorium with TfL student apprentices, leaving many cabbies outside, refused entrance. 

Angry drivers, upset by the Mayor's insults boo'ed and shouted which resulted in Boris running for cover like a rat abandoning in a sinking ship.

When drivers were asked to clear the hall, they refused to budge. News reached the cabbies outside, who heckled and jeered. Heated exchanges took place but there was no riot.
(Propagada story being put about that a security guard was beaten up and knocked out in a riot! ). 
Truth was he fell over opening a door, knocking himself out.

Van loads of police were called in and City hall was forcibly cleared. The Mayors Q&A meeting had to be reconvened in a downstairs bunker.

Drivers leaving City hall then marched on foot to Parliament Square, closely followed by the ever increasing procession of Taxis. Using both Tower and London Bridges, the whole area was soon gridlocked and traffic back up for miles

The protesters converged and marched on past St Paul's, down Fleet Street to the Aldwych where two minicabs, illegally parked on Taxi ranks had the shock of their lives. Surrounded by hundreds of angry taxi drivers and police, they were told firmly to "get off our ranks", which they did!

The march carried on along the Strand entering Trafalgar Square, down Whitehall and finally reached Parliament Square, where they joined the flash Demo of Taxicabs. 

Some protestors then went on to Windsor House, bringing Victoria Street to a stand still.

By 3:30 pm thousands more Taxis had joined in ranging from The Aldwych, Strand, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall to Parliament Square.


Anonymous said...

I was sadly unable to attend with my colleagues today, but total and utter respect to the turnout from our side!
This is what these ponce's need up there! They hate it, cant handle it and scream like rats when they get it !
Made me proud to be a London Cabby looking at that footage ! Well done folks, see you on the next one !

Anonymous said...

A man of NO substance or of leadership qualities and with very little knowledge of anything including what his subordinates are doing behind his back.

Anonymous said...

Boris what a disgrace, this man shows Londoners what he realy thinks of the normal every day hard working people, may be this is why a looney leftie has just got control of the Labour Party. Boris you are a fool

Anonymous said...

I'm bloody fuming they are taking us for idiots. This is our battle now, we are getting no help from anyone so let's demo and get this class action going and get TfL in court.

Anonymous said...

Have 50 cabs on every bridge in London,turn off your engines,lock your doors and walk away.London will be at a standstill for many days.Stop all this pussy footing and fight like the French.