Monday, January 05, 2015

TfL Investigative Transparency Strategy : Another Consultation!!!

First, we had>
London Taxi and Private Hire = LTPH

Then they tried>
Surface Integration Policy = SIP

And now we have>
TfL's Investigative Transparency Strategy or as we call them = TITS for short.

        So now they want to know the truth!

In the face of mounting criticism, Transport for London have put their heads down, back in the trench and issued another meaningless consultation.
They say they exists to keep London working and growing and to make life in the Capital better, unfortunately not a role definition shared by the GLA who have branded them "Woefully Inadequate". 

In their defence they state:
We run a wide range of transport services, invest in major upgrades of the public transport and roads networks and plan for the city’s future. 

We are committed to improving transparency for our customers and stakeholders and we are making more information available than ever before.

With responsibility for billions of road and public transport journeys every year and an annual budget of around £9bn, we are a large organisation undertaking a wide range of activities. We publish a huge amount of data reflecting the scale of what we do including contracts, expenditure, operational and financial performance, customer satisfaction and journey patterns. This helps people understand how we run London's transport network, and how we reinvest in transport the money raised through fares, charges, Government grants and commercial activity.

Openness and transparency in these and other areas help to transform the way in which we operate. It strengthens our relationships with customers and stakeholders, and helps us to work with local communities and businesses to improve our services.

This information also enables innovation in the way our customers travel, with our real time data feeds leading to the development of hundreds of smartphone apps to help people get around the Capital.

By being open and accountable we:

 Enable our stakeholders to hold us to account

Deliver better value for money

Help businesses, non-profit organisations, academics and others make transport in London better.
As part of delivering for London, we are committed to being open and transparent about what we do and how we do it and recognise that we must constantly review how we approach this. 

We are in the process of developing a Transparency Strategy and we invite you to comment on the main areas where you think we can improve upon what we do already, in order to provide the information that you want.  In particular, we would like your feedback on whether:

We are publishing the information you want to know. We publish it in a way that is useful to you. 

Additionally we would like your suggestions for any further information we should be making publicly available as a matter of course.  

Please tell us about yourself by completing the online survey below.  This will help us to analyse responses and contact you in the future.


I'm Spartacus said...


At last they have got one thing right.


tx1fan said...

Blah blah blah blah.... how much did they pay a PR company to write that BS? There is not one single word of acknowledgement they have been accused of and indeed are utterly incompetent and incapable of th bing Taxis or Private Hire. They are a public disgrace.

Anonymous said...

TfL is a politicaly driven organisation negligent in just about everything they do...

This is one of the worst attempts of technical writing I have ever read, it's a cheap attempt to sell TfL as a professional body run by committed public servants of the highest quality.
Mason Cornerstone has a niche in this area... everything he said was a lie and he liked to gloss over what he talked bollox about with toot like this!

Anonymous said...

Cry Havoc ! And let slip the dogs of war...

Anonymous said...

Knee jerk consultation after the GLA findings. This is my response:

Not fit for purpose