Friday, January 02, 2015

Best Tweet Of 2015, So Far!...TfL Enforcement Still A Joke... By Jim Thomas

The best tweet of 2015 so far comes from the Surrey Traffic Police who tweet under the name of @surreyroadcop.

Apparently they have seized a Private Hire Vehicle on rout to Gatwick. The vehicles reg came up on their computer as being uninsured. When stopped it became clear the driver does not hold a private hire licence, has no insurance and doesn't even have a current driving licence. 

         Black Prius, driven by unlicensed uninsured driver seized

When asked by drivers on Twitter if seized vehicles are crushed or sold on at police auctions, they replied they are normally returned. But whoever picks up the vehicle must obviously hold a current licence, have valid insurance to drive the vehicle and be able to pay all costs incurred. 

Surrey Police told Taxi Leaks, they are now in contact with TfL in regards to the vehicle's identifiers which in this case are expired. We were also assured that if found to be stolen, further charges would follow. It could not be confirmed if the driver was in possession of an a Uber MeterPhone.  

Editorial comment:
As we've said before on this blog many times, TfL have to stop PHV (and licensed Taxis) being sold on to private owners, fully plated and licensed. We need to return to the system of change of ownership inspections. 

There is a flourishing market for expired Taxi plates and identifiers current and expired. This is able to take place because there is no requirement for the driver to return plates or Identifiers when they expire as used to be the case under the met.

We've just had an upgrade of Taxi YB/GB identifiers, where drivers were told to dispose of the old IDs themselves. The question should now be asked, was this decision the right decision or made simply to save money?

 Many images have appeared on Twitter, from drivers spotting expired plated Taxis. Unfortunately, it's impossible to spot the expiry date of a minicab.

TfL have made no effort or statement in regards to this issue, probably because if there are no seizures of plates/vehicles, there are no statistics, therefore there is no problem.

We have in the past been informed that seizure of PHVs driven by unlicensed drivers in Central London is very rare. This is not because this offence is few and far between, but the acute failure in TfL and the Met Police enforcement, which has recently been branded by the GLA as "woefully inadequate".

While hackney carriage laws are set in stone and vigorously enforced, PHV regulations are seen to be a joke, overseen by a joke licensing authority. 
It would be quite funny, if not so serious.

Due to TfLs enforcement failures the public are being constantly exposed to danger. The culture of predator based sexual assault including rape are a direct result of this inaction. 

This situation needs changing sooner rather than later.

Why are our trade representatives in the "United Trade Group" not screaming on high about this disgraceful issue. 

Is it because the puppets don't want to upset their puppet-masters? 

Don't forget, stop the subscriptions and make them earn their money.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again, Jim ! Brace yourself mate ! Groundhog Day 2 !
It' so boring having to constantly deal with the same shite isn't it ?
Thanks for what you have done for our trade mate, I really mean that Jim. Year in year out, you have stood steadfast and strong. I have had my moments of assisting you as you know, but I have my off days and just don't have the tenacity that you so constantly display.
You can rely on me for a little while yet though !
Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family Jimmy. God bless mate and see you out there.
8829 Semtex.

Anonymous said...

It is possible that the vehicle was registered with Uber as you have to upload a current and valid PHV licence. This is linked to the Uber driver. If the vehicle is stolen or sold the licence is still linked to the driver unless the driver has informed Uber. The driver of this vehicle would not have an uber account unless you looked the same as the photo on the account which could happen, I.e a brother or friend may have the same name and look very similar.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought what TFL are up to allowing electronic hailing apps to be used in London and other major cities ???
My bet in that they are being tested and will be licenced to Uk authorities so that TFL etc can offer a TFL app the same as Uber with TFL branding and linked to your Oyster or debit/credit card. All part of a master plan to increase revenue and closely control taxi journeys.
Any thoughts ?

Anonymous said...

I think that the tweet from Surrey Police is reasonable
The tweet only related to general Force policy which is the same throughout the UK

Inspector Blakey said...

Let's be clear TfL will do nothing.

We need a stand alone London TaxI And PH Authority.

TfL run buses and tubes and want every penny the travelling public in the fare box NOT your cab, we are therefore the only Taxi fleet in the world governed by a competitor!

Cassius said...

Another problem caused by John Mason.

No obvious 'plate' on London PH that should be surrendered when a vehicle changes hands as too should our plate as in days of old.

Apparently PH did not like the idea so it never came to pass.

Still his cab trade dining club partners never said a word, let's be kind and say that manners dictated that they did not speak because their mouths were full!

Anonymous said...

Said before,my daughters boyfriend who's plod as well stopped a few years ago a car on kew bridge,this car have Phv roundels but the driver was not a scab driver as the driver said its to evade the congestion charge,so the disks where seized,when my daughters boyfriend spoke to the Pco they laughed at him saying everyone's doing it we even have them on our cars,so he was forced to give them back,even he now knows Tfl are a total joke,but what do you expect with a buffoon of a Mayor????

Anonymous said...

since they put all there effort's into pushing out the identifyers they have run out of steam, Are gb earning anymore money now. no quiet the opposite, should be after the touts and uber and the illegal taxi age limit instead, and not a couple of hundred yb's nicking a few jobs here and there, we are going down faster than the titanic, worst new year's eve ever due to uber and touts

Anonymous said...

It wasn't about a few yellow badges picking up with out insurance out of licenced area , it was about thousands of yellows flooding town . And the surge in yellow badge applications reaching hire numbers than al london green badge applicants , but thanks to common sense something was done what should have been done many years ago ,,, anom 123pm

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:36
I'm afraid a lot of what was reported, especially in the badge was exaggerated propaganda, designed by Mason to set the green badges against the yellow badges.

Once the trade had been divided and fragmented as much as possible, the Surface Intergration Policy was used to replace LTPH.

A report in the badge, contained in an article by Helen Chapman, alkeged 30 yellow badges had been caught working "out of sector" by CoL police over a week end. When we checked this out, it proved to be a complete lie

Old Ranker said...

Whilst no one condones cross border working and in fact anyone with any knowledge of the trade knows the real issue was people working the wrong YB sector.
What should have happened is that the ID's should have had just the sector on them with a bar code to find the badge number.
What was 200 times more important was the need to ID PH vehicles with the biggest possible signage 'this vehicle must be prebooked'.
Let's not let the LCDC keep dividing us, they had their big idea which has come and gone, if only they had the bottle to insist that PH needing them too!

Anonymous said...

The person who said that there was thousands of yb badge drivers work in London is a 🃏 with out a brain I bet he thinks that there is a loch Ness monster to .
there is only 3000 yb drivers in the whole of the suburbs and most stay in there own area.
What has happen now it is yb drivers don't care about what happens to the green badge drivers it's your own fault .
should have spent more time and money worring about the ph sector .......
so now get on with it we in the yb areas are now going to apply for our licence fees to be rejused as we only have small areas to work in . Try that on for size ........