Sunday, December 14, 2014

Warning : Attackers Target My Taxi In Shaftesbury Jim Thomas

Just a little reminder to keep your guard up and be vigilant while driving round at night. 

Friday night, Saturday Morning 13:12:2014 1:59 am:  
I was subjected to a worrying incident by a group of three young men. Two stood in front of the cab, one tried to open the bonnet with some type of tool he was carrying. 

I believe the intention was to open the bonnet and wait for the driver (me) to get out of the cab and close. Therefore compromising the security of the Taxi for the third member of the team to enter and take personal possessions, or in an extreme case, possibly get in and drive away. 

I don't think they've perfected their modus operandi yet, as I just put my foot down, drove at them and forced them aside. 

You have to be careful though not to run them over, no matter how tempting, as this could leave you open to prosecution. 

I believe my actions were completely justifiable as I was carrying passengers and their safety was paramount.

Best advice, should this happen to you:
 * Keep doors locked and stay inside.
 * Hazards on.
 * Full beam on.
 * Elbow on horn.
 * Wait for back up, wait till safe.

Haven't heard of anyone else being attacked in this way yet! I just hope these guys have been taught a lesson (I know one won't be dancing much this weekend) 

I have full, time stamped video clip of incident and will be forwarding on to the Met after first showing to my legal representation, just to clarify my legal position. 

Sadly from past experience, I feel I'm just wasting my time again. Would probably receive better attention if it were a video of a Taxi with no IDs badges showing.


Anonymous said...

They should get five years, then face deportation if they are iimmigrants for disrespecting our people and our civility.

Anonymous said...

, if you were robbed being in Shaftesbury avenue I'm sure one of the 100s. Of fellow drivers would have helped you out . As for taxis with no IDS. Iv have seen some very dangerous incidents , a taxi turning right from aderlaide rd into swiss cottage One way system the wrong side almost killing himself and punters no Ids , IF YOU SEE A FELLOW TAXI DRIVER IN TROUBLE STOP AND HELP HIM OR HER OUT, even. If a driver is broken down with his bonnet up , just stop and ask if they need anything , Stop driving past , 95 % of drivers without ids are up to no good just watch them making dangerous manoeuvres in town .

Anonymous said...

If that was my cab id run them over end of shit bags scum as for driver with no IDs it's true I'm a yellow badge why still are driver still driving around with old IDs some don't even have them up why becuse TFL don't enforce the rules even the police turn a blind eye. Any cab with out IDs is eather not licenced or there working out of area as for helping out another cab driver yes if ever I see someone I allways pull over

Anonymous said...

I won't bring either our trade, nor the Taxileaks site into disrepute, by printing what I think, Jim.
Glad you are OK mate.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect any help from the PC brainwashed zombie revenue collectors in Blue uniforms ! . Oh for the days when are coppers were ex military and weren't scared to patrol the west end in fear of being called racist . More than likely you will get a letter from the PC wimps on a charge of dangerous driving ....