Saturday, December 06, 2014

The LTDA Christmas Pantomime starring Steve McNamara- by Cabbies Against Boris

The Christmas Panto season is here and Steve McNamara gave a performance at the GLA Environment Committee Inquiry meeting about diesel pollution which had all the qualities required for a good pantomime; speaking utter nonsense and farcical comments. The only thing missing was any humour.


In September when Steve McNamara effectively managed to squash the Cabbies Against Boris protest about the improper and unlawful Taxi Age Limit, he said live on LBC that the Taxi Age Limit was history

OH NO IT ISN'T:The Taxi Age Limit is not history because taxis are being scrapped on a daily basis without any purpose at great expense to operators and drivers. 6000 taxis have already been needlessly scrapped

Steve also said Boris Johnson had not acted in bad faith

OH YES HE DID: Boris Johnson did act in bad faith because he gave evidence to the Environmental Audit Commit in 2011 that a new Euro 5 vehicle would create 5 times as much NO2 as a 15 year old vehicle. He then scrapped 15 year old taxis knowing that they were less polluting and has now falsely claimed that he has reduced pollution by doing so.


In the Inquiry meeting this week with the GLA Environment Committee, Steve McNamara said about the Taxi Age Limit (1 hr34 min in the clip) 

 "The financial impact has been achievable, people have managed it"

OH NO THEY HAVEN'T: 6000 taxis have been needlessly scrapped at great expense to drivers and operators. The price of buying a used taxi or renting a taxi has gone through the roof because there is no financially viable new cab available that will be emissions compliant going forward and there is now only one Taxi supplier which has a monopoly situation. 

This is surely unlawful in itself.


Steve Wright gave evidence for the Licensed Private Hire Car Association. He said (1 hr 40 min in clip)

"Age Limits are an absolute nonsense; it is not the age of the vehicle it is what is coming out of the exhaust is important"

He then gave a good explanation as to why age limits don’t work and that a newer vehicle can often be more polluting than older vehicles


Steve, an engineer with knowledge and understanding of mechanical engineering also said he gave evidence to TFL at the Taxi Age Limit workshops that an age limit was arbitrary and would not work and this evidence was ignored by TFL.

Steve Wright gives an informed and honest opinion free from personal interest. It is a shame that the Taxi Trade does not have someone like this to represent them.

Its a shame that these comments did not come from Steve McNamara who seems to think that a taxi age limit is perfectly acceptable for reasons best known to himself.


Jenny Jones, a member of the Environment Committee then raised the point that it would be beneficial to remove the requirement for the turning circle. This has been done in Manchester and it has made it easier and more affordable for drivers to buy taxis. She said (1 hour 54 min in clip)

"Dropping the turning circle would open up more possibilities for cabs"


OH NO IT WON'T: Unbelievable Steve McNamara then argued that removing the requirement for the turning circle would not be of benefit because the taxis have to be disabled access compliant and that this is difficult to achieve. 

Obviously absolute nonsense

He said (1 hr 55 mins in clip)

"This myth of removing the turning circle does not stand up to scrutiny I’m afraid": OH YES IT DOES!


Jenny Jones again raised the valid point that removing the turing circle would make it easier for large scale manufacturers to supply a vehicle as a taxi. (2 hrs 15min in clip)

She said that the requirements for the turning circle and the requirement for the taxis to be disabled access were 2 separate things. 

Steve McNamara then again argued that it would be of no benefit to remove the requirement for the turning circle but immediately contradicted himself by saying that most of the problems with the Mercedes Vito Taxis had been with the rear wheel steering. 

He is obviously very confused or is there something else going on?


This performance by Steve McNamara and the LTDA raises some serious questions.


Why has the LTDA actively tried to assist and cover up for the Mayor with the improper and unlawful Taxi Age Limit? 


Why did Steve McNamara try to cover up for the Mayor live on LBC during the Cabbies Against Boris protest saying the Age Limit was history and that Boris Johnson had not acted in bad faith?


Why did Steve McNamara not challenge the existence of any taxi age limit to the GLA Environment Committee in the same way that Steve Wright of the LPHCA did?


Why did he say that removing the requirement for the turning circle will not help when it is obvious that this would lead to a more options for taxis and therefore reduce the price?


Why do LTDA members continue to pay their subs each month for an organisation which doesn't represent its members best interests?


Bob Oddy is allegedly paid £30k a year by TFL, but not to represent his members interest or challenge TFL on their behalf. By being on the board, it raises a conflict of interest; how can he represent his members against TFL when he is a paid board member for them?


The Taxi trade is facing some very serious issues. 

The LTDA is not only not taking proper action on behalf of its members it is actually preventing anyone else from challenging TFL.


                The time for action is now

Dave Davies, Cabbies Against Boris.

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Anonymous said...

The more I hear from Mcnamara the clearer it becomes he talks a load of bollocks completely out of touch with ltda members is he being groomed as an Odd clone. 😠😠

Gerald Coba said...

I completely fail to understand the politics behind the stance of the LTDA general secretary:

He is elected by members and paid handsomely by their subscriptions and yet;
He fails to consult with the membership
And shores up the Mayor and TfL's agendas, at the detriment of his members and the trade as a whole.

Only by stopping subscriptions will change the line followed by this association.

Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted by the actions of the LTDA. I will be cancelling my membership. ✊

Anonymous said...

It makes me sick to think that drivers are barely making a living and their hard earned subscription money pays people like Oďdy and McNamara who are doing nothing

Anonymous said...

Why do drivers still pay the LTDA every month.???
There are cheaper options for legal cover and all they are doing is keeping people like Oddy and McNamara in a job .
He is talking bllcks and is living in fairyland and he is not acting in the best interest of drivers for definate

Amos Grant said...

Never thought I'd ever agree with Jenny Jones, but she's right, we need another vehicle to keep pricing sensible. While LTI have a Monopoly they will price accordingly.
If it has to be a Renault or Citroen then so be it.

It's ok being a traditionalist, every one loves tradition when you can afford it. But right now we need a cheap vehicle until the future of the industry is clear.

Anonymous said...

McNamara's has some serious a questions that need to answered.
If the LTDA has nothing to hide they will make their accounts accessible - personally, I don't think this will ever happen as there are tens of millions involed that clearly hasn't been spent securing a future for LTDA members. McNamara was clearly out of his depth at this enquiry, his editorials are getting ever increasingly tacky and his behaviour towards the trades future has been reprehensible.