Friday, December 19, 2014

TfL, gathering covert photographic evidence: ... By Jim Thomas.

TfL have a camera car, taking high definition, time stamped photographs, which can be used to prosecute drivers of vehicles contravening hackney carriage laws and conditions of fitness.

Guess what they've been spending their time and our money photographing?

* Touts?

* Clipboard Johnnies?

* Minicabs parked on Taxi ranks?

* Minicabs forming illegal ranks?

Last week, my friend got a phone call from his garage asking him to bring the Taxi he rents into the garage, as they have been informed in a letter from TfL, that a stop has been placed on the vehicle. 

Apparently TfL's camera car had snapped him driving home along the A40 at 4:20 am, committing the terrible atrocity of displaying an unauthorised sticker in his rear window ( I was there in the Square).

His garage was informed that the stop on the vehicle would stay in place until they had forwarded a photo of the rear window without the sticker. Amazingly, they asked the garage to supply the name of the driver, using the vehicle at the time of the photo. The fact that the driver's ID was clearly visible in the image (which we edited out on instructions from the driver) had passed over their heads.

My friend informed me that after viewing the image, it was clear that the camera car was in fact dangerously tailgating his vehicle. He said:
"I was traveling at around 40 mph on the A40 in wet conditions at 4:20am."

In our opinion, this is positive proof TfL are still harassing drivers who took part in anti TfL demonstrations which took place earlier this year.

Staff from TfL had been seen recording details of Taxis attending both demos held in Whithall and Trafalgar Square!

 Are TfL covertly collating data on militant drivers?

The driver is now considering taking legal action against TfL and the compliance team who he feels put his safety at risk. 

He told Taxi Leaks:
"This is the second time I've had a run in with compliance, the first time was when I was flagged down by them and subjected to questioning." 
A clear breach of their authority. 

Compliance officers are not police and do not have the right to harass Taxi drivers in anyway which could compromise their safety. Only a uniformed police officer has the right to pull you over when in motion, empty or POB and that includes while you are waiting at traffic signals.


Anonymous said...

I've been pulled up a couple of times, flagged down once while POB.
Didn't know these people do not have the right, I thought compliance carried warrents, obviously I was wrong

I won't be compying in future.

STASI? said...

Onl y a police office. IN UNIFORM can do this.

We need the trade orgs. (The ones NOT under the instruction of TfL) to agin ask the GLA to try and find out.
The driver concerned also needs to contact the police to report dangerous driving.

Anonymous said...

How these imposters go home and face their kids at night, amazes me ! What a shower of useless, clueless imposters ! Chasing a licensed cab up the A40 because there was a sticker in the rear window?
Don't they feel embarrassed ?
Absolutely ponces, the lot of them. Put them in the army for a three year stint and see if they want to chase stickers then ! I suppose they had a trainspotting background on their CV's to get that job, did they ? Incompetent, useless mugs!

Anonymous said...

If the cab was being used for personal use at the time photo was taken, is having a sticker still an offence? How would compliance know if cab was being driven in or out of service!

Anonymous said...

I remember the bird in the White puffer jacket, she was photographing plate numbers, IDs and drivers faces
She was accompanied by two big blokes in TfL security Hi Vis

When we started taking photos of her, she got the needle and disappeared back down the underground.

Ex yb said...

Its harrasment of the highest order by this bunch of arrogant buffons have a protest.they dont like it up em...

Anonymous said...

Only a police officer IN UNIFORM has the authority to stop a moving vehicle