Thursday, December 11, 2014

Taxi leaks Exclusive. New MetroCab Spotted In West London.

Two fully plated MetroCabs, spotted early this morning, 10:30am, driving along just off the A312 on Hayes Road, West London. 

       With thanks to Robert for the photos.


Anonymous said...

Don't want to be negative, but does it look uncomfortably like a hearse to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

that,s got to be the uglyest cab I've ever seen and in excess of 50 large ffs, give me the new niissan at 30k instead of the hearst and pocket the other 20k simples

Anonymous said...

Another exclusive editor.

Running rings around Taxi and The Badge again.

Two Christmas Cards you won't be getting then.

Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yer I did hear oddly give the cabs to 2 yellow badges at Ealing because he love Ealing drivers

Anonymous said...

I think I will throw the towl in and by a nice Toyota and join uber , let Disney land buy those leggo brick looking things

Anonymous said...

We'll see em beating floating down Bayswater Road and beating around The Bush anytime now!!!!

Blimey, they even take the same route as Oddy!!!!!