Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Open Letter To Leon Daniels: Re, Uber Allocating Jobs To Cars Outside Of Licensed Area

Below is part of the statement, recently released after tfl's December board meeting.

Contained within the release, Leon Daniels gave the following statement to the TfL Board with a summary of the position regarding Uber. 

"Uber remains a licensed PH operator in London, fulfilling the requirements as set out in private hire legislation.

There have been various stories in the media about their activities and the sanctions applied in other countries and other jurisdictions. We note all of these, but the laws in those jurisdictions are different.

In one case, it was reported that Uber had shown, at a public event, the location of a famous personality in an Uber vehicle. This we regarded very seriously as a potential breach of privacy.

We took steps to immediately look into this and Uber London Ltd gave us an absolute assurance that no data about individuals was ever released."

Here Leon has clearly stated he is happy with how uber are fulfilling their requirements as a TfL licensed operator. 

So Leon, are you of the opinion that it's ok for Uber drivers to wait by the M23, to be allocated a job outside their TfL licensed area, to pick up at gatwick?

Screen shot from Uber App showing available cars

Tweets below show Uber explaining how to book onto Gatwick system.

If TfL compliance were to do their job thoroughly, they would find Uber to have all trips from Gatwick on record. 

The fact that cars are waiting to be hired (forming an illegal rank) outside their licensed area, with full knowledge of the company, would surely mean that Uber are knowingly contravening the conditions of their operators licence. If this were any other operator, it would certainly result in their PH operator's licence being immediately revoked.
Ok Leon, the eyes of the licensed Taxi and PH trades are fully on you.

Will you do the right thing, will you do your job, the job you get handsomely paid to do?
Or will you again show this company an unfair bias not normally extended to other PH or Licensed Taxi companies.

       Source: with thanks to our undercover Uber driver.


Anonymous said...

so leon daniels is ok for women to be raped in uber vehicles then just like what happened in india?

Anonymous said...

Good report TTT
Will Daniels, and others like him survive the GLA Transport Committee Report which has just been released a few hours ago?

Anonymous said...

Let's not get carried away with this report.
The Mayor has never taken notice of anything the GLA has recommended.

Orgs are too pussy to push him on this
Things will stay the same,

Ask the LCDC what they intend to do about the suburban revue.

All mouth and no trousers

tim said...

Good Luck Sussex licensed drivers, it now appears Uber are operating in Sussex under the guise of their London Licence.

Anonymous said...

As I live in the Crawley area I will make their licencing body aware of uber activities I'm sure they won't be pleased.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. What did any other orgs do about the suburban review? Why have you had a pop at the LCDC?

The LCDC are constantly fighting for suburban ranks. Just because they don't put every email out on Twitter, doesn't mean they aren't doing anything.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,The LCDC do not give a monkeys about suburban drivers or suburban ranks.Davis got the IDs through to ensure his re election.He has now taken Mark White on board to do all the graft,leaving him time to swan around on his media stuff.