Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Joint Ranks Committee, Lets Down Trade Three Times In A Jim Thomas

They say bad news comes in threes. So, after the travesty of WinterWonderland, after the cock up at WinterVille, the trade waited with bated breath, but we didn't have to wait long.

 It was billed as the most amazing, biggest fashion extravaganza ever. Tickets went on sale at £1000 face value. Soon they were selling online for up to 5 times their original value.

Ed Sheeran performed to the sellout audience, who were informed well in advance that the event would probably over run and when they left, the tube would have closed down. 

We are of course referring to the Victoria Secrets  event at the world famous Earls Court exhibition centre. 

So what facilities were put in place to get the people away from the centre?
What arrangements were made by our wonderful representative Joint Ranks Committee?

Last night the RMT London Taxi Branch put out these tweets.

The powers that be decided that Taxis would not be allowed to rank up by the exit. 

Although lines upon lines of private hire cars were allowed to form illegal ranks outside, illegally plying for hire and touting for business as the public vacated the venue. 

Could someone on the committee of the London Taxi Joint Ranks Committee, affiliated to the United Trade Group, please explain exactly what it is they do at there planning meetings?


Anonymous said...

It's a mystery to most of us that drive for a living, they never seem to have their eye on upcoming events, & seem to get fobbed off way too easily

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks this trade has a longterm future is dillusional... Weak trade unions, and limp afternoon demos will solve nothing, we aren't needed anymore.get out if you over.

Anonymous said...

They're working their nuts off in the background

That age old cliche' used to disguise the fact that they've done nothing!

Wizard said...

What do the joint ranks do?

Easy, claim stand down pay, just look at the LCDC accounts.

'I wish it coul be Christmas everyday' goes the song, well it is for some.