Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Let's Make 2015 A Year a To Remember...The Year We Fought Back

Merry Christmas everyone! 
Thanks for making Taxi Leaks the most popular Taxi Blog of all time.

Looking forward to the fight back in 2015. 
If there is to be a mass trade action against TfL, it is imperative there is a clear concise list of issues that need resolving:

* The immediate removal from office of senior management at TfL who are deliberately damaging the integrity of the London Taxi Trade.

* An immediate cessation of Steve Burtons 's STaN agenda that TfL and other agencies are clearly working to.

* An immediate end to the Taxi Age Limit, with compensation for drivers and proprietors who have had their vehicles scrapped under this corrupt and improper policy. 

* Demand that the GLA endorse scrapping the Taxi Age limit based on the evidence of the DEFRA report compiled by Kings College London. 
To date the GLA have sidestepped challenging the Mayor on this issue.

* Demand a high court rulling on illegal Private Hire ranks using existing legal presidencies that cleary state PH vehicles cannot wait in a public place for immediate hiring. (Gilbert v McKay 1946)

Similar case upheld in Eastbourne 2000 by Lord Justce Pill, where a marshal escorted a member of the general public to a waiting car to be immediately hired.

We have trade organisations and numerous serving  committee members that have remained silent, flatly refusing to deal with the issues and case laws listed above.

Do not support the clueless yes men anymore. 

Make a commitment to fight to create a free trade movement with a positive clear agenda.

We have the talent, we need to bring them together, ditch subscriptions to the deadwood freeloaders and move on to create a better leadership and future for the London Taxi Trade.

Merry Christmas everybody.
We hope your Christmas is filled with peace, joy, and lots of love.



Anonymous said...

Spot on, ditch the collabarators and freeloaders.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes,if the sleeping Lions decide to fight, TfL and the UTG are finished!

Binky Boo said...

Well done you are just brilliant !

Anonymous said...

Well said. Let's all stick together in the new year.
great blog enjoyed reading this year look forward to the coming 2015.

Merry Christmas all and my it be a better new year for us all.

alfie cane said...

We all did the knowledge that was Hard , this is a walk in the park if we ALL Fight TFL there on the ropes the GLA have hit them hard now it's up to us to give them the knockout punch . Merry Christmas all ..

Anonymous said...

Already 10k+ Uber drivers in London, how many more by end of 2015? The cabs will be driving themselves before long.