Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Wonderland, Or Winter Of Discontent? ... By Jim Thomas

              Winter Wonderland Hyde Park.

With all the problems currently facing the Taxi trade, London has become a tinder box, just waiting for a small spark. 

Yesterday afternoon, a member of the joint ranks committee posted a statement that the organisers of the Winter Wonderland festival held annually in Hyde Park, have decided they no longer require a Taxi rank in South Carriage Drive and have requested that the rank be moved to North Carriage Drive.

This is completely unacceptable and even TfL's Taxi Rank & Interchange Manager, Nicole Harris is in agreement that the rank should remain in South Carriage Drive in front of Apsley House where it has always traditionally been sited. 

In an emale sent out today, Ms Harris said:

We would like to have the taxi rank for Winter Wonderland at the gate by Apsley House as it has been for the past few years. However, the organisers of Winter Wonderland have informed us that they have changed the ingress and egress plans and the taxi rank needs to be moved to North Carriage drive.

We are not supportive of this decision as a location for the taxi rank and are therefore in ongoing dialogue with them in order to ask them to put the taxi rank back at Apsley House. If a positive decision is made about this then we will let drivers know.

Kind regards,

Nicole Harris I Taxi Rank & Interchange Manager
London Taxi and Private Hire
Transport for London.

But, why has this information been kept quiet till now?
Surely members if the UTG's joint ranks committee knew about this?
Why have they failed to mention?

Private Hire companies are continuing to over step the mark and last night saw Flash Demo and TAG hit Squad, hit Novikov's. More discord kicked off, as it did at the Shard, which became over run by PH drivers chancing their arm and touting guests leaving the establishment.

The reason for this insurgence of touts is the complete lack of enforcement from TfL who seemed to be more worried about if Taxi drivers have changed their old IDs for the new issue. 

TfL, by their non action, are putting public safety at risk and it seems they have absolutely no intention of changing their operational stance on illegal plying for hire.

              Taking the proverbial, minicabs using Taxi ranks as pick up locations

Many in the a Taxi trade are of the opinion that corruption is now wide spread through out TfL. 

You only have to look at the support top TfL officers have given to the licensing of PH companies not strickly adhering to TfL licensing policy. 

Also many in the trade are concerned by the non action of certain trade representative bodies who have the ear of TfL through an unfair engagement policy which excludes more militant groups.

If you are on twitter, please make sure you follow
@Flash_Demo and  @TAG_HIT_SQUAD 

Other hot spots where PH companies are operating outside of the PH act and are fully supported by TfL by non enforcement are poping up daily. 

This can't continue.

Because of TfL's failure to manage the situation, there will be more action to come as the situation on the street warms up. 

                  TOTALLY FAILING LONDON 


                !!!!!!!  Latest news flash:  !!!!!

Around 4pm tonight, Friday, the LTDA announced in there Twitter Time line that drivers should rank at both North Carriage Drive and South Carriage Drive.

Drivers are reporting that there is no access at North Carriage Drive.

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