Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Uber Drivers drop out, afraid of repercussions as state lifts restraining order.

LAS VEGAS -- A restraining order preventing Uber from operating in Nevada was lifted allowing the company to operate in the state. But the lift of the order came with a warning: The Taxicab Authority could still cite Uber drivers and impound their vehicles.
The penalties are stiff, and even though Uber said it would stand by its drivers and pay the fees, some drivers said they just aren't convinced Uber has their back.

This has caused some drivers to put the kibosh on their Uber career before it really began.

“We're scared we are going to be impounded, and if we are, how quickly are they going to work to get us out of that,” ‘Mark,' would be Uber Driver said.

The man who doesn't want to be identified, so he's going by the name “Mark,” said since Uber rolled out in Nevada it has had poor communication with would be drivers. He says text messages to Uber managers have gone unreturned and emails from the company are too vague.

Mark said the legal wrangling has him worried.

“I've unfortunately had to stop because I'm concerned about what may happen,” Mark said. I don't want my car to be impounded. I think a lot of us feel that way and we know there are risks and rewards, but I don't know if the rewards are enough,” he said.

Mark said even though Uber has promised to cover citation costs and get their vehicles out of impoundment should the Taxicab Authority catch them, it's not enough to put his mind at ease.

“I'm just concerned about what the repercussions are and whether or not they are going to cover insurance increases for us. Plus, how quickly will they get our cars out of impound? There's no one to speak to directly about this to get answers to these questions,” ‘Mark' said.

A representative for Uber said that's not true. They said Uber has a 24 hour hotline that drivers can call, and that Uber has a $1 million policy that covers both drivers and passengers.

Local leaders said they're hopeful some sort of agreement will be reached between current laws and Uber.

“I personally, Carolyn Goodman, who's a resident (of Las Vegas) for 50 years, hope it can be a harmonious solution,” Mayor Goodman said.

Since Uber hit the roads in Nevada, 15 Uber drivers have been cited by the Taxicab Authority.

    Source: 8 News Now


Where's there's blame there's a shark circling! said...

1 million dollar policy,!

In the U.S that's peanuts and of no worth whatsoever.

Meanwhile back in London?

Anonymous said...

Robert De Niro famous film Taxi Driver .The man was called Travis , he was a nutter. Uber's boss called Travis......we'll I think you can finish it off.