Tuesday, November 11, 2014

TfL and Mayor accused of “indefensible” double standards overairqualityby Martin Hoscik

Existing New Routemasters will be allowed to enter the ULEZ despite not meeting new emissions standards. 
Existing New Routemasters will be allowed to enter the ULEZ despite not meeting new emissions standards.

Plans to exempt Mayor Boris Johnson's flagship New Routemaster buses from tough new anti-pollution standards have been branded “indefensible” by Liberal Democrat and Green London Assembly members.

Transport for London is currently consulting on proposals to require vehicles driving in central London to comply with new European emission standards limiting nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and CO2 emissions, or face a daily fine.

The planned Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will operate 24/7 and transport bosses hope the threat of fines will encourage the take-up of greener vehicles and help cut the 4,300 premature deaths each year estimated to be caused by poor air quality.

However while private car owners and commercial fleet operators will either have to replace their vehicles or face fines of up to £100 per day, TfL is exempting its flagship New Routemaster from the zone’s cleaner emission standards. 

Existing New Routemaster buses are fitted with Euro V engines but TfL says they'll still be allowed to drive in central London despite mandating Euro VI for all other buses, coaches and HGVs entering the zone.

TfL says new models of the bus won’t be fitted with the cleaner Euro VI engines until next year and has ruled out retrofitting existing vehicles with the cleaner engines.

However it says they'll still be allowed to operate in the ULEZ because they “have NOx emissions much closer to the Euro VI standard (a reduction of 80 per cent on Euro V)”.

Liberal Democrat AM Stephen Knight has criticised that decision, saying: “Allowing TfL vehicles to have lower pollution standards than other private vehicles entering the proposed ULEZ is indefensible when the Mayor has known about these plans for over a year now.

“His attempt to defend this double standard is largely the price of his irrational obsession with the incredibly expensive new routemaster bus, when his first priority should be to protect the health of Londoners.”

The Green Party's Darren Johnson added: “All the new buses going onto London’s roads since the summer are less polluting than the Euro V Boris Buses. 

"Instead of the Mayor investing in the cleanest forms of technology, such as electric buses, Londoners are being landed with a legacy of polluting vehicles which are due to be operating for nearly a decade after the Ultra Low Emission Zone has eliminated many of the worse vehicles from our roads.”


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              Two new stickers:

Please Print out, Laminate and display in Cab for punters to see..

Put the first one behind your seat and the narrow one on the other side. 

They look great. 

We need someone to help finance tip up seat posters. 

Let the public know what we are up against, instead of just moaning to ourselves on forums and locked Twitter accounts that no one sees but us.

    With thanks to @hansomLDNcabbie and @phillipegreen 


Anonymous said...

This outrageous example of bent, corrupt, governing and rule making, is exactly the reason that we have to be on top of this mob.

How on earth can they so blatantly display the one rule for you lot and another rule for us, as clearly as they have done here?

Surely, Johnson and Hendy can't get away with this?

Once again, here is another example of what goes on in the bent, dodgy, murky waters of City Hall.

They're all the same aren't they ? All in it for themselves. All bleeding the taxpayers dry. All betraying London, betraying Londoners and betraying their own families with their incestuous private perversions and infedility.

And they have the gall to appear on our screens promising loyal service and focussed hard work for the benefit of the people.

Do you remember Johnson begging for votes, claiming he would be straight with us?

Yes, so do I. In reality, he couldn't lay in bed straight!

So going on this report then, we all have to suffer financially and do our bit for clean air........except betraying Hendy and his red fleet ?

And they reckon Ronnie and Reggie are dead ?

Vote for them ? Drag them out and nail them to a cross each.

8829 Semtex

Anonymous said...

Well done on you guys with the sticker campaign.
We need someone who we can send donations to, to finance the tip up seat adverts.